Manage Schedules

Difficulty: Easy | Updated: November 24, 2015

Schedules are easily managed from the Manage Schedules dashboard. A number of it’s options are shown here as well. For example, which days adverts may be active while in this schedule.


Naming schedules

Schedules can have a name which helps you manage them. For example; distinct names are useful to recognize which period they belong to or which campaign uses them. Using appropriately named schedules saves you time.

Scheduling conflicts

To avoid scheduling conflicts try to avoid using multiple schedules for the same adverts that overlap their dates. If you enable certain limits in a schedule and then add another schedule for the same period of time without those limitations then the advert may show on the wrong days or hours. In some cases the advert seemingly ignores it’s impression or click limits while it simply is following a schedule you assigned to it. Avoid confusion and keep things simple with consecutive schedules.

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