Moderation Queue

Difficulty: Intermediate | Updated: October 15, 2019
Pro Feature

If you open the gates and let Advertisers create and edit their own adverts those they need to be looked after, but more importantly approved or rejected after an advertiser submits the advert. This is where the Moderation Queue comes in. Every time an advertiser creates or edits an advert the advert will enter the moderation queue.

The queue

The actual moderation queue works simple enough. Every advert that is awaiting approval will be listed here.


The publisher or responsible administrator can use bulk actions to approve or reject adverts but also to just review them. These options are also available in each advert.


Review an advert

When reviewing adverts it is always important to remain objective about the process. If you think the pink banner with yellow spots is ugly that’s fine. But that is not necessarily a valid reason to reject it. A broken link or offensive banner image is.


If you click an advert in the moderation queue the moderator or admin is taken to the regular editing screen of AdRotate. Here he/she can review the ad, check if all settings are correct and satisfactory and finally Approve or Reject the advert.

Keep in mind that most of the settings here are not available to the Advertiser. Thus rejecting the advert for not using the current impression limit is not going to make any sense. Familiarize yourself with the options available to Advertisers and act accordingly.

Advertisers have control over the Name, Target Url, Image, Weight and Schedule. Everything else is up to you. And at your discretion to use or not.

Things to look out for

  • Make sure an advert image has been uploaded and that it matches your requirements.
  • Make sure the schedule is correctly setup.
  • Take a look at the Preview of the advert and see if it works as intended.
  • Make sure you select the right group (if applicable).

AdRotate Professional tries to catch problems when the advert is saved but not every issue can be tested for. For example an banner selling something else as the site it links to.

Approving the advert

Once you have determined that the advert meets your requirements and is ready to be activated you can approve the advert.


Set the status to Yes, this ad will be used.

Rejected adverts

If you reject the advert it will go back to the queue of the advertiser marked as such and will remain queued until you or the advertiser make adjustments. The advert will be marked as rejected.


This status is also visible to the advertiser in their queue.


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