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Difficulty: Easy | Updated: August 19, 2023
Pro Feature

With AdRotate Professional you can easily track Impressions and Clicks using Google Analytics Events.
For most banner images, and many HTML5/iFrame ads, AdRotate Professional can collect clicks and impressions and send them to Google Analytics. Select which tracker you want to use in AdRotate Pro > Settings > Stats.

AdRotate Pro Statistics settings

Tracking code

If you’re Google Analytics you should already have a tracking tag on your site somewhere. AdRotate Professional uses this code to send events to Google Analytics for adverts.
Google has several ways to track stats, the most recent method is through what they call a Global Tag used for Google Analytics 4. Another popular option is to use Google Tag Manager. And an older way is to use an older version of the Global Site Tag, though while similar in name with Global Tag these are not compatible or interchangeable with each other – Not in AdRotate anyway.

Check out the installation guides here:

Enable Statistics for Adverts

To see stats for your adverts, you simply enable the checkbox when editing or creating your advert and AdRotate does the rest.

Seeing Statistics

Since you track stats remotely they are no longer visible in your AdRotate Dashboard.

You can see your gathered statistics in Google Analytics 4 in.

  • Realtime -> Events -> ‘click’ -> advert_name
  • Realtime -> Events -> ‘impression’ -> advert_name
  • Engagement -> Events -> ‘click’ -> advert_name
  • Engagement -> Events -> ‘impression’ -> advert_name
  • Custom reports/dimensions you make yourself

Realtime events are tucked into a widget on the lower left of the page as follows (left), if you click the event you’ll see your advert stats (kinda). For Tag Manager the advert_interaction item separates into clicks and impressions. And the advert_name is the Advert Title from AdRotate Pro (the name you see in Manage Adverts). If you want to know where the click or impression came from you can look for the page_title item.

As is common with GA4, this interface is of not much use and you probably want to make a custom report or dimension using these items. You can create these via the Admin menu in the lower left, and clicking Custom Definitions. In there create a new dimension, name it something and use ‘advert_name’ as the Event Parameter.

In older Analytics versions stats show up in:

  • Realtime -> Events -> Adverts
  • Behavior -> Events -> Adverts

Stats in Google Analytics will look something like this:

If you click the Adverts Event, you may see something like this:

Note: The stats in Behavior are delayed one day (24 hours). Most free/non-professional accounts of Google Analytics have this delay. If stats show up in Realtime, the same stats will eventually show up in Behavior.

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