Track advert stats with Matomo

Difficulty: Easy | Updated: January 25, 2023
Pro Feature

You can track Impressions and Clicks using Matomo Analytics.
This gives you a bit more flexibility with what kind of adverts you’re tracking. Including HTML5 adverts.

Select Matomo Analytics

If you track your clicks and impressions via Matomo, all statistics are tracked externally, AdRotate Professional will add a few special tags to your adverts, similar to how Google Analytics works.

AdRotate Professional can detect image banners and most HTML5/iFrame adverts and add the Matomo attributes in the code by itself. Simply enable Statistics for each advert you want to track and AdRotate Professional does the rest.


Once enabled, your next Matomo report will include clicks and impressions as events.

Tracking statistics with Matomo

If you’re new to Matomo or just want a super simple plugin to add the Matomo tracking code to your website. Take a look at my Matomo Tracker plugin which is available for free.
The tracking code is added in a few clicks and you have a few settings to enhance the tracking experience if you need it. No fussing with code and because the plugin is so lightweight, no performance hits!

Seeing your statistics

When you track stats remotely they are no longer visible in your AdRotate Dashboard.

To see your clicks and impressions go to your Matomo dashboard and navigate to Behaviour > Events. You’ll see something like this:

Matomo View Stats

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