User-Agent Filter

Difficulty: Advanced | Updated: September 26, 2016

Under settings you’ll find a User-Agent filter. This is AdRotates protection mechanism against bots and crawlers.

The User-Agent filter

Using some Analytics dashboards and other tools you can keep an eye on which user-agents you want to filter out. Simply pick a distinct keyword from that user agent and enter it in the AdRotate filter. This is a powerful filter that matches partial words and the first occurrence of words. This means that if you enter “fire”, firefox users as well as anyone who has “fire” in their user-agent will be filtered out.


Impression and Click Timer

Additionally, to prevent false impressions and clicks you can set a timeout on them. This means that if you see an advert, your impression is counted. If you then reload the page within the pre-set time and see the same advert no impression is counted.

The same mechanic checks clicking and re-clicking the same advert. No click is counted if the timer hasn’t run out yet. This feature is aimed at preventing falsely inflating statistics or undermining your advertisers campaigns by using up their allotted impressions/clicks really fast.

Statistics and Geo Targeting

The User-Agent filter is also hooked into statistics and Geo Targeting. AdRotate Pro will not count stats or fetch geo data for user-agents in the filter.

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