Using the Advert Generator

Difficulty: Easy | Updated: May 2, 2019

Creating Adverts can be a daunting task if you don’t know the basics of HTML. Many people simply do not know what to do or how to create HTML links and things like that. This is why the Advert Generator is added to AdRotate and AdRotate Pro! To make things simpler, even if you don’t know HTML.

For more advanced adverts such as those provided by or Google AdSense you don’t need the Advert Generator. However, for those self made adverts, or adverts that got delivered as an image and a link – The Advert Generator is a handy tool to have.


While AdRotate and AdRotate Pro can take care of generating the code and basic settings for you, you still need to prepare a few things and finish the advert. This includes setting some settings and placing the advert on your site.

But also, you need to have at least one banner image uploaded and a target link. This is where people clicking the banner are sent to. If you have those two pieces AdRotate or AdRotate Pro has enough to get you started with your advert.

For more advanced adverts you need more images, more on that below, and you can review a few other settings while you’re making your advert.

Banner Image(s)

Banner Images are sourced from the AdRotate Banners folder. In AdRotate Pro you can upload images here via the AdRotate Media Manager. In AdRotate Free you can upload the files to /wp-content/banners/ using your favourite (s)FTP client. You can read more on managing banner images here.


Using the viewports section lets you show a different image for different size screens. This is of-course super useful if your adverts are shown on mobile devices or devices with lower resolutions, such as tablets, small laptops or older PC’s.
Each viewport requires an extra banner image for your advert, resized or designed for its screen resolution. You can add up to 3 additional viewports.

The viewport options are very easy to use and all you need to prepare or design is up-to 4 banner images for your advert. In the Advert Generator you simply select them after you upload them and AdRotate creates all the code for it.

It’s that simple – When you’re done, click ‘Generate and Configure’ and the resulting code will look something like this.

As you’ll may realise, this is a responsive image. This method is supported in every modern browser. Those who do not support this technique will just use the original full size image. WordPress uses this method in blogposts as-well for images you use in your texts.

Responsive Images CAN be used as a replacement for AdRotate Pro’s Mobile Adverts feature, but is not really intended to, yet. Maybe at a later stage this may happen. If you prefer to have 2 or 3 separate adverts, 1 for each device, you can still do that. You can also use both features together.

Other settings

Some other settings include;

  • Opening the advert in a new window – This is useful if you want to keep people on your site instead of sending them away.
  • A NoFollow option – Useful for commercial links such as affiliate links.
  • Creating Alt and Title attributes

Generate and Configure Advert

After selecting all the options you want and need, click ‘Generate and Configure Advert’ and you’ll be redirected to the regular Create Advert dashboard. You’ll see your generated advert in the AdCode field and it may already show up in the preview below the AdCode field.

You can then proceed to configure the advert. Give it a name, schedule and everything else you need it to do.

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