Activate your license

Difficulty: Easy | Updated: July 27, 2015

When you activate your plugin for the first you may be asked to activate a license. This system is put in place to provide better support and automatic updates for people who actually bought the plugin and to combat pirated copies.


When you register your installation you are eligible for premium support and will receive automatic updates via your dashboard. AdRotate Pro also has the benefit of being able to use AdRotate Geo for Geo Targeting.

How to register

When you purchase a plugin you’ll receive an email confirming your purchase. Included in this email is a License key and license email. This makes up the license.

You can find the activation form in the plugin settings. Fill in the license key and email and click activate. The form is simple and may look like something like this.

Development setups

If you have a development site, for example on your localhost server or a subdomain on your primary domain, you can install the plugin on there and simply not register it. The functioning of the plugin is not limited by not registering.

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