Troubleshoot your license

Difficulty: Easy | Updated: December 27, 2015

Unfortunately not everything goes as planned all the time. The license may not always work, which may happen for various reasons.

If you are completely stuck and nothing seems to work please get in touch via the contact form and explain what goes wrong. Please include your order number and license key.

Error: No valid response from license server / invalid Request

In some cases the brief connection to or from my server is blocked. Most commonly this is because of security measures on your server or WordPress installation.

Security plugins

Most commonly security plugins like WordFence may block the response from my server.
Whitelisting or will allow the license to be activated and allow you to use my other APIs as well. My site offers 3 APIs; Automatic updates, AdRotate Geo and License management.
Check with the author of your security plugin for specifics on whitelisting. Setting up security plugins is beyond the scope of my support.

Server firewalls

Some hosting providers secure their networks with firewalls. Similar to the above mentioned security plugins they may hinder the response from my server. Also here, creating a exception rule for or will let connections through.
Check with your hosting provider to see how this works. Setting up firewalls is beyond the scope of my support.

Error: No remaining activations for this license

Every license has a limited number of activations. For example a Duo license can be activated on two websites. A 3rd activation will generate this error.
Buy more licenses if you need more activations. You can do so via the products pages.

Error: No license key or email provided

Make sure both the license key and license email address are provided. One or both of the fields were empty.

Error: The email provided is invalid

In most cases this means you have used the wrong email address. Check for the correct license email in your order confirmation email. If you’ve lost your license details, recover them here.

Error: Invalid license key

Just as above, in most cases the license key used was invalid. Make sure you’ve entered the full and correct key. Check for the correct license key in your order confirmation email. If you’ve lost your license details, recover them here.

Error: The purchase matching this product is not complete

You have somehow obtained a license key without paying for it. Contact me via the contact form with any payment details (invoice number, reference, username, email address) to verify what’s going wrong. If you did not buy a license via this website you should ask for a refund and buy a real license via here.

Error: Could not (de)activate key

Something went wrong de-activating the key. This usually is an error in my server.
Get in touch and let me know your order number and license key for further troubleshooting.

Error: This license can not be activated for networks

Not all licenses support network activation. Only Network or Developer licenses do.
If you see this error you’ve tried to activate a Single, Duo or Multi license on a network. Using such licenses in a network is fine on individual instances, but to network activate you need a compatible license.

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