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AdRotate Geo for AdRotate Pro updated

AdRotate Geo Service just a new database. Up-to-date everything. New IP ranges, improved accuracy and all the latest Geo information you’ll need to get your adverts to the right audience. Periodic updates of AdRotate Geo are necessary to keep things accurate and fast.

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AdRotate Professional 5.7.3 – New API, bugfixes and much more…

This marks the release of AdRotate Professional 5.7.3. An important update which changes quite a few things under the hood. Most notably all new API’ and less dashboard notifications. All non-essential fluff has been removed. And equally important the update process has been streamlined a bit further based on user feedback.

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Updates from every angle – Status update on AdRotate Pro

Over the last few months updating AdRotate Professional has not been as easy as it should be.
A ton of things have been going wrong with the update routine for many users. While for others it worked without a hitch. I’m one of those people where it usually works. So it’s a bit hard to find the problem. But here goes.
I took some more drastic measures to actually improve things and not just patch stuff up.

3 Major issues have come to light and have been fixed or will be fixed over the next few weeks.

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Analytics Spam Blocker 2.6 – New API, Better API!

Welcome to an all new API for Analytics Spam Blocker. Now with faster response times, better handling of requests and you get some insights in the API’s Analytics, too.

Blocklists are updated daily, as before. The reporting routine has been updated and modernised a bit to work better.

Analytics Spam Blocker has been tested to work on the new and fancy WordPress 5.0. If you find any weirdness or bugs, let me know. Thanks!

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Infrastructure upgrades and API changes

New infrastructure and servers

Over the last week I’ve been hard at work to finally resolve the issues with performance and up-time that plagued the AJdG Solutions website since mid December last year. MediaTemple kept denying any issues and couldn’t stop pointing fingers are everyone but themselves.

Very unprofessional for the stupendous amount of money I paid them monthly. But alas, their support was, as usual, completely inept. Too bad! So after a few days of frustratingly dealing with tickets and people pretty much ignoring me, I gave up and moved to a new hosting provider. So far that seems better and more stable.

I’m still ironing out some minor kinks, but so far so good.

Old AdRotate Geo API discontinued

Users of my AdRotate Pro plugin will know I offer various API for updates, AdRotate Geo and some other stuff.

Due to ongoing abuse of the older AdRotate Geo API, versions 1 and 2 will be obsolete effective immediately.

These API versions will soon be shut down and no longer return Geo Targeting information. If you’re still using AdRotate Versions 3.18.2 or older and you’re using AdRotate Geo, your geo targeting will no longer work in a few days.

Updating to the current version of AdRotate Pro will fix this and is the only solution. I’m not going to develop work-arounds or silly hacks. No need to ask… Just update the plugin!

A step-by-step update guide is available here.
If you need help with updating, or simply do not want to do it yourself you can use my AdRotate update service.

You are urgently advised to upgrade to AdRotate Pro 4 or newer. Version 4.11 has been released earlier today and is available for free for everyone who bought a license!

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Analytics Spam Blocker now under my wing!

Recently I’ve rewritten en re-released the fairly popular Analytics Spam Blocker. Originally created by Luke Williamson. He didn’t want to continue the project so I asked if I could take over and he agreed ๐Ÿ™‚

Not being updated for a while there was a bunch of stuff to do, I’ve optimised the plugin a bit and rewritten a bunch of stuff to make it work with more modern WordPress versions – Though Lukes code was nice and not much needed to be done there.

More importantly. With the spawning of new bots and referral spam every day, a common complaint was that new domains to block weren’t included in the plugin fast enough. With my new version this is mostly negated by an automatic reporting system.

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