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AdRotate Free 4.10 – Available now

I’ve finally added Jetpack Photon support. This update also includes a number of small improvements to the dashboard and improves the Borlabs Caching integration.
Datepickers have been added for scheduling which should make that a more intuitive action.

Lastly, and ongoing, is the improved compatibility with PHP7.2. If you find more quirks with PHP7+ let me know ASAP.


  • [fix] Improved integration with Jetpack Photon
  • [fix] Improved PHP7.2+ compatibility
  • [new] Date pickers for advert scheduling
  • [change] Compatibility with Borlabs Cache

Got a new motorbike

Earlier this week I bought a Kawasaki Versys-X300. A medium sized motorbike which packs a punch or two. I’m still on the looking for some accessoiries to make it “my” bike. Me and my girlfriend have been driving around a bunch and found lots of nice views. More to come for sure 🙂

AdRotate Pro 4.12 – Datepickers and improvements

It’s been a while, I’ve been travelling and a lot has happened and changed in my life over the last 2 months. But I’ve rented a house for a while and hope to work not reliably on AdRotate Pro for a while again.

Focus a bit more on features and general improvements.

This release has been in the making for a few weeks and includes a number of fixes and improvements. I finally found a way to use proper date pickers with Unix timestamps. Which took some trial and error in how to split up the dates and such.

Google tracking has been improved and should now give a more clear picture of performance. And Jetpack Photon support has been added for adverts with banner images. I’ve worked with de developer from Borlabs Cache to make a better integration possible, which is included as well.


  • [fix] Improved integration with Jetpack Photon
  • [fix] Improved PHP7.2+ compatibility
  • [fix] Improved compatibility with Google Global Tag (gtag.js)
  • [fix] Statistics display for ‘the best’ and ‘the worst’
  • [new] Date pickers for schedules
  • [new] Date pickers for statistics export
  • [new] Set a tracking value for clicks in Google Analytics
  • [new] Set a tracking value for impressions in Google Analytics
  • [new] Network group widget for multisite networks
  • [change] Compatibility with Borlabs Cache
  • [change] Advert and group widgets no longer support multisite

Roll-on Roll-off ferries

Recently I’ve been travelling a lot by motorbike. Which, in the Philippines, means a lot of island hopping. This is usually done with ferries or RoRo boats. Most routes have 40-50 year old ships. These old barges and crappy boats go everywhere. This one wasn’t all that bad. But it was damn slow and uncomfortable.

AdRotate Pro 4.11 – New features!

Happy new year!
It’s been a while, the new year has arrived. And with that, a bunch of new features right of the bat. I’ve re-added FreegeoIP for Geo Targeting. Added more caching support options and support for Google their new tracking tag.
Check out the settings in the plugin to see more.

I’ve made a number of changes to the dashboard, including the removal of the slow and ugly Facebook widget. I’m sort of looking to phase out Facebook a bit more from my life, so now you have a pretty banner to my website to look at. Among with some other dashboard improvements.


  • [new] Borlabs Cache support
  • [new] Google Analytics Global Tag support
  • [new] Support Jetpack Photon for certain advert assets
  • [new] FreegeoIP support for Geo Targeting
  • [change] Dashboard updates and improvements
  • [change] Dashboard notifications improved
  • [fix] Incorrect function call to advert preview when editing

Got Rice?

Filipinos love rice for some reason. So it’s no surprise that most farmers in the country are rice farmers. I love the green color of ‘almost-ready-to-harvest’ rice fields.