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Summer is here, 20% off on all plugins


In light of the summer, the endless rain and just because I can, here’s our tiny summer sale! It’s been months since the last sale. I can’t remember the last one so grab your copy of AdRotate Pro, Omnikassa for WooCommerce or Merchant E-Solutions for WooCommerce with 20% off this week!

Promo details

Valid: August 22 through August 29, 2016 (GMT+8 timezone, that’s South East Asia).
Coupon Code: SUMMER2016
Discount: 20% on all plugins/licenses

A beach with a twist

In ‘developed’ countries people pay a premium to put shells like this on a shelf or table as decoration. Perhaps a bowl of shells somewhere in the living room. Here in the Philippines people eat the contents and discard the shells because there are tons of them lying on so many beaches.


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AdRotate Pro 4.0.1 – Available now

logo-512x512A small update today, improving the layout of the update banner to make it more obvious something needs to happen. Some other tweaks are made to the dashboard as well.

From AdRotate Settings you can now run the updater manually should the banner fail. Normally you won’t use or need this thing, but somehow people update without updating which causes trouble for some newer versions. This button will help remedy that trouble.

Something personal

The past few weeks have been a bit of a mess of things and I haven’t really been able to focus on development much. In a nutshell; I broke up with my girlfriend, I’ve been sick/ill regularly with all kinds of crap and the lack of feedback on the 4.0 update wasn’t very encouraging, too 🙁
I’m trying hard to get myself together and will be back on track with more feature packed updates, hopefully, soon.


[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • [new] Manually run internal updater from maintenance
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks
  • [change] More distinct style for update banner and button


Summer sale

I’m doing a bit of a summer sale this week. The official announcement will post later today.
Valid: August 22 through August 29, 2016 (GMT+8 timezone, that’s South East Asia).
Coupon Code: SUMMER2016
Discount: 20% on all plugins/licenes

Office of the day

Sometimes I find a spot, with a ocean view. This was in a nice resort a while ago. It just felt good to sit there for work for a few hours per day. Jungle life in the background. Making them updates!


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WordPress 4.6 Compatibility – It all works

Yesterday I did some tests and stuff for AdRotate Pro, AdRotate Free and other plugins.
The short, all plugins are compatible with WordPress 4.6.

I’ve tested and updated;
[unordered_list style=”arrow”]


If you find something wrong or something is not working as it should simply post a bug report on the forum with your findings and relevant information.

Highways in the Philippines

Not all highways are paved. And many turn into a muddy mess when it rains. That doesn’t deter the bus drivers to drive over 60 kilometers per hour on them.


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AdRotate Free 3.15.5 – Maintenance update

logo-512x512A small update fixing a bunch of things and updating the database to be compatible with AdRotate Pro 4.0 and up. A number of dashboard tweaks and changes have been included to make the dashboard more uniform and logical to read.


[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • [change] Updated database for AdRotate Pro 4.0
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks
  • [fix] Notification settings not always saving correctly
  • [fix] AdRotate Logo path no longer using WP_CONTENT_URL
  • [fix] Redirect for using Maintenance functions
  • [i18n] New and updated translation strings


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AdRotate Pro 4.0 – Advertiser update

logo-512x512A lot of things happened over the last 2 months. I’ve been ill quite badly for a few weeks. Which sort of skipped last months update. For the first time in 3 years there wasn’t a monthly update. My girlfriend moved in which was a emotional rollercoaster and flurry of new routines and changes. And in between I slowly worked on AdRotate updates – But not much came of it.

Advertisers! Advertisers! Advertisers!

But, behold! AdRotate Pro 4.0 is here. About time we bumped the version from 3 to 4. This update has a heavy focus on advertisers and dashboard improvements. You’ll notice that there is a new Advertiser dashboard where you can manage advertisers more easily. This also means that you can now create a user, mark them as advertiser but not necessarily assign an advert to them. And more importantly, you can now give permissions per advertiser. The global toggles are still there, but if enabled you can now turn them off per advertiser if you so please. This gives you much more fine-grained control of who does what.

AdRotate Pro should seek out and update current users and convert the relevant ones into new Advertisers, but check the settings anyway. You can do so in each users profile – I’ve added a bunch of checkboxes for permissions at the bottom. And you can check the new “Manager Advertisers” dashboard.

Payment system

I’ve made some headway with a easy to use payment system. Then got properly stuck and took that (mostly) out for now. I’ve sort of underestimated the complexity of the whole thing and what kind of impact it would have on how AdRotate Pro functions. So I’m going to give that some more thought and work on a more thought out integration in near(-ish) future upgrades.

I’m thinking of a 2 way system where you can make payment orders from the dashboard, without necessarily involving an advert and a way which goes right in the flow of creating an advert. If you have ideas for how this should work, let me know!


AdRotate Pro now supports Cloudflares Geo IP header. I’m not entirely sure how this stacks up against their caching stuff. It seems to work for me. So that’s an experiment for now. I’m looking forward to your feedback on that.


The notification system got a bit of a overhaul. Email notifications can be much more informative and useful. Check out the settings for that. Also the dashboard notifications have been updated a bit to provide better and more accurate information.


[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • [new] CloudFlare Geo Support for countries
  • [new] Advertiser overview and management options
  • [new] Per advertiser permissions
  • [new] Much more error states in the notification bar
  • [new] Re-did email notifications to be more informative
  • [fix] Mobile icons not always correct for advertiser dashboard
  • [fix] Redirect for using Maintenance functions
  • [fix] Notification for support emails not always working
  • [fix] No longer list archived and binned adverts in groups
  • [fix] CPM for single adverts now counted correctly
  • [fix] Can no longer select the same group as fallback
  • [fix] No longer list archived and binned adverts in schedules
  • [fix] Geo Targeting for advertisers now saves correctly
  • [change] Better asset control for advertisers
  • [change] Responsive feature depreciated, use mobile feature instead
  • [change] Smaller geo cookie/$_SESSION header
  • [change] Updated push notifications to be more informative
  • [change] Impression spread is now per hour instead of per day
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks
  • [i18n] New and updated translation strings


Meet the girlfriend!

And here she is, my fancy Jovelyn who likes goats! We went to a beach in Dauin (Near Dumaguete) a while ago and this is what we found on the way back.


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AdRotate Pro and advertisers

logo-512x512Over the past week I’ve been working on a big new feature – Or a bunch of features. We may even bump the version to version 4.0… How about that? The new stuff is focused on managing advertisers and expand on the possibilities there. I’ve included a few draft screenshots so you can make up your mind about it and chime in with ideas or comments. If you have any, comment below or use the contact form 🙂 thanks!

Some screenshots

Remember, these are drafts and can change – Though I’m fairly confident this will be the final format (mostly). Basically what you see there is a new menu, the advertiser overview and a profile.
The profile bit will be tied in to the normal WP users stuff. And that allows us to set permissions/options per user instead of the global switch you have now. This basically allows for a greater level of control.

adrotate-advertiser-menu adrotate-advertiser-dash adrotate-advertiser-profile adrotate-advertiser-adduser

Payment options

I’m a bit scared to add a Paypal API. Their stuff is quite complex and I have zero experience with their services API 🙁 I do know how certain other payment systems work (Merchant E-Solutions and Omnikassa) and I sell plugins for those. But Paypal is something different – And I can’t rely on WooCommerce this time…
So maybe adding payment options has to wait till a later iteration. But the basics are taking shape just fine. Manual payments can be replaced by automated ones in a future version if I don’t feel comfortable with Paypal just yet.

I’m currently not considering other payment options. Adding other payment gateways will please only a few. I can support Stripe, but then people want Braintree (or whatever). If I support both the system gets more bloated with every line of code. So far pretty much everyone requested Paypal support. For now it’s not worth it to spend a lot of time to integrate multiple systems.

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AdRotate Free 3.15.4 – Available now

logo-512x512A small update fixing (or adding, rather) support for when your wp-content folder has a different name. Apparently people still think that changing that folder makes things more secure and it is done more and more often. Anyway, AdRotate Free now supports this.

Some other tweaks and minor changes under the hood including updated internationalisation files are included in this release.


[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • [new] Support for if the wp-content folder has a different name


Winter is coming

For all you westerners Summer is coming soon(ish). For me winter is coming. Which means, temperatures between 25-35 degrees celsius instead of having them between 30-35 degrees.
Also there may be a bit more rain. Emphasis on may…


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AdRotate Pro 3.22.1 – Bugfix release

logo-512x512A quick update fixing 2 small bugs. Adding/editing adverts now works again. And the advertiser name is no longer blank in the moderation queue for some setups.


[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • [fix] Folder list not working when adding/editing adverts
  • [fix] Advertiser name blank in moderation queue


A colourful display

You’ll find these bushes all over the Philippines and many Filipino’s don’t really pay attention to them. But I think it’s a pretty sight. There is a smaller one in my garden, too 🙂


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AdRotate Pro 3.22 – Maintenance release

logo-512x512A small but important update for AdRotate Pro. This version improves the pathing for assets and banner images. Paths were not used very consistently. With the help and feedback of some users this was greatly improved for non-standard setups where the wp-content folder or the entire site is not in the root of your hosting space.

Post Injection appeared broken for some setups. Some of the code determining the site id variable didn’t work reliably, or not at all. This has been fixed. Some other small under the hood tweaks have been made, most notably to the code comments and layout of settings dashboards.


[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • [update] General tab settings layout
  • [fix] More consistent paths for banner assets
  • [fix] More reliable Post Injection for multisites


Alona Beach

Sometimes called the ‘Poor man’s Boracay’. There is nothing poor about this place. Hotels and resorts are available in all price ranges. And most cheaper/mid-range ones use photoshopped pics to look like the more high-end resorts. Yea… Do your research before booking.
But, the beach is nice. Just not as nice as the many pictures you’ll find in ‘official’ resources.


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Got AdRotate Pro? You no longer need the free version!

logo-512x512People ask me more and more if they can remove the free version of AdRotate after buying AdRotate Pro.

The short answer; Yes you can.

And in more detail, yes but… If you simply disable the free version and leave it be, that’s fine. But many like to remove the plugin. Which is better.

Every purchase of an AdRotate Pro license comes with a readme file which has a step-by-step manual on how to upgrade to AdRotate Pro and what to do with the free version.
There is also a guide in the AdRotate Manuals section which you can get to via this direct link:

Paradise found?

Just when you think you find a nice quiet beach for a swim and you’re constantly stung by shrimps… 🙁