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Creating standard HTML adverts from scratch

Creating HTML banners in AdRotate for WordPress is quite easy and takes only a few minutes if you know a little about HTML code and have all required pieces ready. Don’t worry, knowing a little about HTML code literally requires you to know 2 tags, which are simple to use. Remember, setting up your advert campaigns with AdRotate or AdRotate Pro is easy for beginners and experts alike. So take control of your adverts and campaigns with adverts you make and control yourself. Here’s how to make your own standard HTML adverts from scratch…

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The ultimate development environment for Mac OS X

Updated: December 26, 2018

I’ve pieced together what I think is the ultimate development setup. This tutorial is particularly useful if you’re working in different places and have to rely on public wifi or if you don’t have high speed internet available.

As you may have read I’ve moved to the Philippines. This means I no longer have a home address for a while. This also means that high speed internet becomes a luxury. To not being hindered in developing things like AdRotate and other plugins I needed a fast and reliable alternative for my online development server. So that even if internet is wonky, I can still do some work.

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