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AdRotate Professional 5.6.2 – Fixing license woes!

This update focuses on streamlining the license and geo targeting experience and includes a number of bugfixes and tweaks related to those 2 functions. License notifications should now work more clear and reliable.
Geo Targeting has recently moved from using Cookies to Sessions. A number of fixes makes that more reliable and robust.

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AdRotate Pro 5.4.1 & 5.4.2 – CSS Output fixed

A maintenance update fixing a few quirks on the dashboard. And for your convenience a few more error checks for adverts have been added. If something goes wrong with creating or updating adverts. AdRotate Pro can now tell you about it even better.
Someone noticed a missing semi-colon in the CSS output, causing some weird behaviour on some themes. This has been fixed as well.

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AdRotate Pro 4.15 – Removed Transactions

An important update where the dashboard got some tweaks and optimisations. A few small bug fixes and the social stuff has been updated.

More importantly though, the underused Transactions Feature got removed. Current and ongoing transactions are still listed in the Advertisers dashboard in the sub menu Transactions. This is for reference.
No new transactions can be made or paid. All functionality has been removed.

As an alternative way, you can set up products in a plugin like WooCommerce.
If there is interest I’ll investigate making a connector plugin to create a more automated solution.

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AdRotate Pro 4.13.1 – Datepickers

A quick update introducing an all new datepicker that actually works. Or as far as I can see. Date formats are now correct in all browsers, too.

For expired licenses (All licenses starting with 101) the force deactivate option now works, too. This of-course applies to everyone who wants to renew their license and has to swap it out at some point.

Don’t forget to renew your license, if you take a look at your Dashboard > Settings > License, you’ll be offered a renewal fee at a discount.

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Phasing out legacy licenses

With the next update for AdRotate Pro I’ll be phasing out all legacy licenses. This means that if you want to continue to use AdRotate Pro after that and receive updates, premium support and access to AdRotate Geo you’re going to need a new license key.

Who will be affected

Without exception, all licenses starting with 101, those sold before January 2015, will no longer receive updates and support. And, later on, will be excluded from AdRotate Geo as well.

If you wish to continue to receive updates, support and have access to AdRotate Geo you need a new license after the next update of AdRotate Pro.

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License issues? Resolved – Service restored.

Just a quick heads up – Due to an update to the License API last night some users seemingly “lost” their license. Further investigation showed that WooThemes in all their wisdom decided to rename a database table and a column in that table. The script that should handle that failed and I thought I’d fixed it manually last night. However, over the course of today I’ve come to realise that the problem was a bit bigger than anticipated.

Some theme templates and plugins needed updating too. As well as the Legacy API for licenses starting with 101 (sold last year). Earlier today I’ve updated all plugins and I’ve just finished updating the Legacy API and theme templates.

As far as I can tell, everything is working again.
Let me know if you can’t see your license in your account or if activating the plugin returns a “invalid key” or “license not found” error. As always, you can reach me via the contact form.