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AdRotate Pro 5.0 – Better stats, better exports

Better stats, Better dashboard

This update focuses on the dashboard and display of stats. While the graphs in themselves haven’t changed – You can now navigate them much easier with datepickers. You can pick any range you want and see much more than just one month at a time. It took a while to figure out but this seems to work fine 🙂

A much requested feature for some time now. And finally it’s here. Let me know if you run into any quirks with the datepickers so I can improve them if nessesary.

Throughout pretty much every dashboard page there have been little tweaks and changes. Nothing all that drastic, but just small updates to make it just that better looking. Spacing, typos, field sizes. Pretty much everything got a good look and probably a little tweak. If you notice any irregularities, let me know 🙂

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AdRotate Pro 4.18.2 – Fixed update slug

Update Slug

Turns out something was wrong with the update slug in AdRotate Pro. This is the behind-the-scenes-name for the plugin to get updates. This has been fixed in version 4.18.2. If your update doesn’t work you can update manually using these steps: Update AdRotate Pro to a newer version. This takes only a few minutes.

However, the automated update should work just fine, too. If the update doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll help you update where required.

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AdRotate Geo service updates

The AdRotate Geo Service got updated again. This time we try to tackle sites who slow down the server too much by just being slow. This kind of slowness is usually caused by crap hosting packages. You know, all those $1 hosting setups. Or people who have outgrown their shared hosting but won’t admit it…

Over the last few weeks I’ve been flooded with monitoring messages that the overall state of AdRotate Geo is deteriorating quickly. Some investigation turns out that (currently) 14 websites can not respond quick enough to handle the AdRotate Geo response.

This basically means that those websites process the AdRotate Geo response too slow, causing other sites to slow down as well. As a result of the slowdowns I’ve put the following rule in place.
If your site is slower than 750ms you’ll be denied access to AdRotate Geo for 2 days. If this happens you’ll receive a email notification.

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AdRotate Pro 4.18.1 – AdRotate Geo more reliable and fast

AdRotate Geo

I’ve upgraded AdRotate Geo to version 5. The older API will be retired in a few months. The newer API has better protection against fake users and stuff like that. Hopefully it’ll be faster for legitimate users 🙂

More importantly to you – the new API will no longer send empty responses like some users using version AdRotate Pro 4.17 experienced. So it’s working more reliable now, too.

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AdRotate Pro 4.17 – Improved PHP7 Compatibility

This is the first update of the year for AdRotate Professional. And we’re starting with some PHP7 Compatibility improvements. Keep reporting the quirks guys, it really helps 🙂

Earlier this month I revamped the whole website and a few things changed. This update implements those changes. New URLs and such. So the relevant urls, my LinkedIn and some other things for contacting me have been updated to be up-to-date again.

Demo banners

The demo banners used to link to a separate domain. Recently I let this domain expire a bit prematurely as I didn’t use it and wasn’t planning on using it. Now someone bought the domain and put a fake website on it. Don’t let that fool you. And yes, my lawyer is looking into it.

The only place to get AdRotate Professional or any related service legitimately is on this website –

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Christmas sale for AdRotate Pro

Santa is already here! And brings you a nice end-of-year-discount on AdRotate Pro! May this Christmas end the year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year full of advertising revenue. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In this sale Get any AdRotate Pro license over the sale period for 30% off. Thinking of monetising your WordPress website? Now is the time!
Several licenses are available. Buy a Single License or pick another from the product page!

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AdRotate Geo reinstated and updated

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on new mechanics to better manage AdRotate Geo. As an immediate response I shut down AdRotate Geo API versions 3 and 4 and introduced version 5 a few days later with better detection mechanisms to block/ban abusers.

This worked fine for a while until the DDoS nonsense started again, those requests are not attached to a license and thus I can’t use the mechanic to block them as well – Since the system didn’t look at the IP address or origin other than the license key.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale for AdRotate Pro!

It’s time for this years Black Friday and Cyber Monday! That means it’s time for a sale! Get any AdRotate Pro license over the sale period for 30% off. Thinking of monetising your WordPress website? Now is the time!

If you are an online magazine looking to monetise your business? Get a license this weekend! Are you on a small budget and looking to earn more? Now is the time to get on with it! Earn some extra money with advertising, manage your campaigns with ease in AdRotate Pro!

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AdRotate Pro 4.16 – Improved Stats

This update improves a bunch of things in stats. Graphs draw now faster. Some numbers where shown incorrectly. This has been fixed.
More exciting is a new option for support.

Let me see

A common problem when solving problems is that the user (you) can’t explain very well what goes wrong and some are so bad to even get stuck at “it doesn’t work” (pretty much). This is frustrating for you, because in your perception my support sucks. And it’s frustrating for me, because I can’t see what’s wrong.

This has been made a little easier in AdRotate Pro 4.16 where the support form in your dashboard now has a checkbox to send me login details so I can take a look at your dashboard.

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AdRotate Pro 4.15 – Removed Transactions

An important update where the dashboard got some tweaks and optimisations. A few small bug fixes and the social stuff has been updated.

More importantly though, the underused Transactions Feature got removed. Current and ongoing transactions are still listed in the Advertisers dashboard in the sub menu Transactions. This is for reference.
No new transactions can be made or paid. All functionality has been removed.

As an alternative way, you can set up products in a plugin like WooCommerce.
If there is interest I’ll investigate making a connector plugin to create a more automated solution.

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