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AdRotate Geo Targeting regions.

logo-512x512AdRotate Pro keeps on growing, which is great! For the next version I’m looking to make it a bit more easy to set up Geo Targeting countries. This is of-course aimed at setting up regional banners more easily.

Currently I have this:

This means that with one click you can select all of Europes countries.
And with another click you select the United States and Canada.

What other regions should AdRotate Pro include?
North/South Europe? Parts of Asia? Africa?

If you can suggest your region and the countries that includes via the contact form or forum I’ll have a look at it and possibly include it in the next version. Be sure to specify the countries you want included in a region.

Thanks for your feedback!

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AdRotate 3.11.7

logo-512x512Some changes and improvements to Post Injection and the plugin in general. Post Injection finally got dealt with and has been redone to work more reliably.

HTML5 advert support has been improved a bit with usable examples next to the adcode. AdRotate Pro has even further improved support for HTML5 adverts making the uploading of assets even easier.


[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • [new] More ‘after paragraph’ options for Post Injection
  • [change] Removed all ‘every N paragraph’ options for post injection
  • [fix] Responsive class overwriting existing html classes
  • [fix] Post Injection cutting off content at the end of posts
  • [fix] Impression timer not always accurate for some users
  • [fix] Timezone notation not always valid
  • [i18n] New and updated strings


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Interesting times ahead? HTML5 more prevalent!

logo-512x512It’s been quite for the past 3 weeks or so around AdRotate. Mostly because I usually take a bit of a cooldown after each release. But also because my shoulder screwed up last week. Typing with one hand is harder than you may thing. And running a business lacking the upper right part of your body is even harder. Sigh. But it’s slowly getting better.

Post Injection

Today I managed to get some stuff done for the next version of AdRotate which will improve (once again) Post Injection. The new regex filter introduced in a recent version doesn’t work as well as I’d thought. Some people have reported missing parts of content such as galleries or like buttons. Highly undesirable. And suddenly I was so fed up with the damn feature that I, for a moment, considered just removing the feature altogether.

Alas, sanity came back quick enough and I decided to re-do the options available in it a bit.
The ‘insert adverts every Nth paragraph’ option goes away. It doesn’t work, it’s broken and I’m tired of wasting time to try and fix it.
Instead we’re going for a lighter faster code that adds adverts after certain paragraphs and a new function that adds an advert in the middle of a post. Using this option AdRotate counts the paragraphs and adds the advert close to the middle.

HTML5 advertising

HTML5 keeps growing as an advertising thing. This is good. I like the format. Anything that allows you to ditch Flash adverts is good. A common problem with HTML5 ads is that they usually consist of various files. Typically a HTML file, a Javascript file and sometimes a set of images/assets.

Currently AdRotate has no good way of managing those extra files. Leaving you with a mess of files and inconsistent crap to work with. The next version of AdRotate will address that.
The AdRotate Pro Media Manager will accept those extra files and in effect will be more of a file/asset manager than a banner image manager from then on. You can easily upload your assets for each advert and therefor create your HTML5 advertising campaign more easily.

Often with minimal tweaks to the actual adverts beyond perhaps renaming the files or changing a path.

HTML5 adverts setup help

Because HTML5 adverts often need a tweak or 3 to work on your particular site I’ll be expanding my services to help you with that. If your advertiser shoves a bunch of files your way and you’re not sure how to put it together I’ll help you with that for a small fee. This fee is the same as my WordPress support fee – Check prices here.

I will not make adverts from scratch or fix broken ones. I am no graphics designer either. If you have no graphics or creatives for the advert, get those from your advertiser first.
I will help you tailor your specific and working adverts to work on your site with AdRotate.

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AdRotate is the most popular advertising plugin for WordPress

AdRotate is now ranked the 95th most popular plugin according to the Periodic table of Plugins for WordPress. Which uses actual data from


What’s even better, if you look at all the plugins in the periodic table. AdRotate is the only advertising plugin on there (at the time of writing). This makes AdRotate the most popular advertising plugin for WordPress.

As you may know, there are over 36000 plugins available. Being in the top 100 of most popular plugins is no small feat I think. Being the most popular advertising plugin for WordPress is huge.

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The “update now” banner – What does it do?

Last month AdRotate Pro and AdRotate Free underwent a small but important change in how updates are done. Updates are of-course important for advancing the plugin. Keeping things secure and modern. And to complete these updates you may see this banner from time to time after the update via WordPress.


What happens when you click it

Some updates may require you to click the big “update now” button. For example if the database has changed or certain data sets need updating. It’s important to do these updates from time to time to add new features, improve existing features or generally to make the plugin better.

For example, in a recent update the budgeting fields in the database were changed to accommodate future features. Another update re-instated the automated maintenance routines in AdRotate. And yet another update re-did a few indexes in the database to make things faster.

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AdRotate Pro 3.12.8 and AdRotate Free 3.11.6

logo-512x512Well so much for version control and fancy methods. Earlier today I released updates for AdRotate Pro and AdRotate Free which contained a few issues. AdRotate Free was more affected and notably broke Dynamic groups and Block groups. In AdRotate Pro on some setups adverts wouldn’t save correctly if you have Geo Targeting enabled.

Somehow files got mixed up and for both releases I released the wrong files… Or, that’s what I gather so far. I guess I’ll go back to managing files manually myself. Something similar to this happened last year also, you may recall a broken release sometime in March last year :(.
I have tested the correct versions some more just to be sure and they are indeed working. Updates are being pushed out right now.

If you have received a beta/test version in the last few hours – You can either keep that version or update to this official release. Aside from the ‘b1’ marker on the version number the versions are identical.

AdRotate Pro 3.12.8

[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • [fix] strip_tags error when saving adverts on some setups
  • [fix] Typo on AdRotate Info page


AdRotate Free 3.11.6

[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • [fix] Output of Dynamic groups and Block groups
  • [fix] Notice error on schedules page
  • [fix] Typo on AdRotate Info page


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AdRotate 3.11.5

logo-512x512AdRotate received number of improvements and tweaks to make it more stable, faster and with better Post Injection.

The before and after setting in Post Injection usually worked fine but the ‘between paragraphs’ usually didn’t. This should now work much better. Paragraphs are now properly recognised and adverts are inserted between them much faster now. Because of the new system the stray advert that got inserted at the end of your content should be a thing of the past, too.


[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • [tweak] Minor tweaks and improvements to dashboards
  • [fix] More accurate regexes for AdRotate Tracker
  • [fix] Ambiguous array match in post injection
  • [fix] Unwanted advert after content with post injection on some settings
  • [i18n] Updated strings for all language files


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AdRotate Pro 3.12.7 – Fixed Post Injection

logo-512x512Improved Post Injection, a first inroad into a sales platform and more. It took a few days, but post injection should now work a lot better. Better paragraph detection, no stray adverts at the end of your content anymore. And it’s faster too ๐Ÿ™‚

Post Injection

As mentioned, Post Injection got an important update. The before and after setting usually worked fine but the ‘between paragraphs’ usually didn’t. This should now work much better. Paragraphs are now properly recognised and adverts are inserted between them much faster now. Because of the new system the stray advert that got inserted at the end of your content should be a thing of the past, too.

Mobile adverts

A new addition is Mobile adverts, this feature lets AdRotate Pro differentiate between desktop and mobile user and show adverts accordingly. The filter works similar to Geo Targeting. If you create a group and put a mobile advert in there and a regular one AdRotate will then show the appropriate advert to the right device. The filter supports all popular mobile systems including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. As well as some of the older ones like Windows Mobile/CE, Symbian and Blackberry devices. Manuals for this feature will be added over the next few days.

Budgeting, CPM and CPC

Another change is a small-ish relabelling of the budgeting options to reflect more mainstream terms like CPC and CPM. This also means that the CPI is now CPM. So your current CPI should be multiplied by 1000 to get the new CPM value. So if your Impression rate was 0.0005 you should change that to 5 to get the CPM value.
This is more in line with things like AdWords and similar systems. But it also serves as another step towards AdRotate Pro accepting advertiser payments. Which will be implemented at some point.
Before that makes sense though, a bunch of things need updating. This was one of them.
Another welcome addition is to make the budget, CPC and CPM rates visible in the dashboard. If you have adverts that use these values, you’ll see immediately how useful that is.


[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • [new] Show select adverts on mobile only when in a group
  • [new] Budget, CPC and CPM visible on advert overview
  • [new] Budget, CPC and CPM visible for advertisers
  • [tweak] Minor tweaks and improvements to dashboards
  • [fix] Serialize error when exporting multiple adverts
  • [fix] Geo data not serialized when importing CSV file
  • [fix] Advertiser summary stats navigation now works
  • [fix] Advertiser ads with errors not listed in regular dashboard
  • [fix] More accurate regexes for AdRotate Tracker
  • [fix] Ambiguous array match in post injection
  • [fix] Unwanted advert after content with post injection on some settings
  • [i18n] Updated strings for all language files


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Testers needed for AdRotates Post Injection

logo-512x512If you use Post Injection in AdRotate Pro or AdRotate Free and then specifically a setting using the “after …” option then consider helping to test the new paragraph detection in AdRotate.


This new method is aimed at fixing the long standing issue where a random advert gets added to the last paragraph of your content because of how WordPress their [no-highlight]wpautop[/no-highlight] filter works. The filter smartly reformats your post to add paragraphs and whatnot, except it also adds a empty paragraph at the end, causing AdRotate to do something weird.

I have created a new paragraph detector using [no-highlight]preg_match_all()[/no-highlight] and this regex: [raw]/(?:.*?)]*>(?:.*?)<\/p>(?:<\/[a-z]*?>)*/is[/raw]
The current system uses a simple [php]explode(‘

‘, $post_content);[/php] but that doesn’t smartly detect paragraphs.

The idea of the regex is to split [php]$post_content[/php] by the paragraph tag while not stripping out tags between paragraphs. But also if you wrap the paragraph in something else such as [html]

[/html] or [html][/html] that also may not be lost.

It works for me on my test site and on but to be sure it needs testing on a bunch more sites. Also if you know something about regexes (I don’t) and think this is a dumb regex or that it needs improving. Let me know.

So if you have some time, and are willing to give this a go get in touch via the contact page or leave a comment below. You don’t need to know any code or programming to help. Simply the ability to verify that your page formatting and layout aren’t ruined or missing parts after using this beta is enough. Thanks!

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AdRotate Free 3.11.4

logo-512x512Some general updates and fixes for AdRotate Free 3.11.4.
Important fixes to Post Injection have been implemented along with a more modern clicktracking trigger for jQuery.


[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • [fix] New adverts validating properly
  • [fix] Much more accurate post injection filter
  • [fix] Much more accurate page injection filter
  • [fix] Welcome popup ‘dismiss’ not always working
  • [tweak] Clicktracking counting jQuery on()
  • [tweak] Changed “upgrade” button to “update now”
  • [tweak] Clearer error status for responsive adverts


Get AdRotate Pro cheap!

To sort of celebrate having more than a million downloads for AdRotate Free I’ll be running a coupon for the next 2 weeks. Use coupon millionmillion for 20% off on any AdRotate Pro license. Valid until Monday the 18th of May 2015. Not valid in combination with other coupons or upgrade pricing.
Benefit from AdRotate’s new external stats tracking, Geo Targeting, advanced scheduling and much more…