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Why Diversifying with Contextual Ads Makes a Lot of Sense in 2019

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. We’ve all heard it, we all understand it, but how many of us actually put it into practice? When it comes to your website’s ad inventory, diversifying your sources of revenue is critical for ensuring that you make the most of every impression.

Tap into multiple, competitive demand sources

Every ad partner brings their own set of advertiser demand. A lot of this demand overlaps across multiple ad partners, but no one ad partner has access to all the demand sources out there. Very few ad partners bring exclusive demand to the party, but when you find one that does, it’s worth adding such a partner to your mix.

The real estate on your website is a valuable commodity that advertisers want to get on. The higher the number of advertisers competing for that ad space, the greater the potential revenue from that impression. Therefore, working with multiple ad partners that bring in all of the demand you can possibly capture just makes good fiscal sense for publishers who want to maximize their earnings.

One plugin to rule them all

Of course, the thought of signing-up with multiple ad partners can be a daunting affair. How do you know which ad partner should get priority for a certain ad spot? Are you missing out on additional revenue that another ad partner might have been able to bring in? These are just some of the legitimate concerns publishers like you have when planning to diversify. If you have a WordPress-powered blog though, you’re in luck. AdRotate for WordPress is a plugin that helps you effortlessly run advertising campaigns from your WordPress dashboard. It can integrate multiple ad partners while giving you complete control over where and when ads are shown. Features like geo targeting and the ability to let advertisers run their own campaigns ensure that publishers can kick back and target the right audience with the right ads—all with little to no fuss.

Integrating contextual demand

Simply signing-up with new ad partners is not a feasible diversifying strategy; if you want to diversity your ad revenue, it’s worth doing it right. This is especially true nowadays when people are increasingly aware about being exposed to online advertising as well as all the data privacy issues that come with it. In 2019, publishers are looking at new types of advertising that can deliver results without collecting user data or interfering with the user experience. That is exactly what contextual advertising delivers!

Context is the key to how contextual advertising works. A contextual ad unit will display an ad based upon the content of the webpage. This ensures that the audience sees an ad that is highly relevant to what they are interested in. is one of the biggest contextual ad partners and they deliver ad units that are native in design. Combine contextual ad content with native design and it’s not hard to guess why such ads do well when it comes to revenue. The fact that partnering with gives publishers exclusive access to $6 billion worth of search demand is just the cherry on top.

2019 is the year of contextual ads. With the contextual advertising market expected to keep growing rapidly, incorporating an ad partner like into your ad rotation can provide a massive boost to your earnings. In fact, signing up with right now will allow you to earn an extra 10% for 3 months. This is the right time to diversify; after all, publishers now have so much access to the right tools and ad partners to get the job done.

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AdRotate Free 4.13.5 – Last update of the year

This update fixes the semi-broken readme. Updates several support documents and has some dashboard tweaks. The “Help” tab got some tweaks to the formatting.

Christmas Sale

Earlier today the christmas sale for 2018 went online. Check it out here; Christmas Sale for AdRotate Pro.
It runs from December 24 to December 30, 2018. Check out the article to see whats up and what the promotion is.

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Christmas sale for AdRotate Pro

Santa is already here! And brings you a nice end-of-year-discount on AdRotate Pro! May this Christmas end the year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year full of advertising revenue. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In this sale Get any AdRotate Pro license over the sale period for 30% off. Thinking of monetising your WordPress website? Now is the time!
Several licenses are available. Buy a Single License or pick another from the product page!

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AdRotate Free 4.13.4 – Available now!

This update fixes a few things to improve PHP7 compatibility and overall stability of the plugin. The dashboard keeps getting small incremental changes and tweaks.

This time the “Help” tab got re-done. It’s now an actual help tab, too.
Take a look at the renewed content in it. If you’re looking for adverts to increase revenue take a look at the Partners tab.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale for AdRotate Pro!

It’s time for this years Black Friday and Cyber Monday! That means it’s time for a sale! Get any AdRotate Pro license over the sale period for 30% off. Thinking of monetising your WordPress website? Now is the time!

If you are an online magazine looking to monetise your business? Get a license this weekend! Are you on a small budget and looking to earn more? Now is the time to get on with it! Earn some extra money with advertising, manage your campaigns with ease in AdRotate Pro!

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Get your campaigns going with!

As you may know I’ve partnered with a while ago to encourage the usage of other advertising businesses other than Google Adsense. For Black Friday, through Cyber monday they have a great offer for new accounts. Check it out! is a leading global advertising company with one of the most comprehensive portfolios of advertising technology in the industry. They offer ads across search, native, display, mobile, products and video. manages high-quality ad supply on over 500,000 websites and its partners consists of some of the largest publishers, ad networks and other ad tech companies worldwide – Forbes, Hearst, MSN, Reuters, CNN Money, NY Daily News amongst many more.

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Subscribe to the blog for updates and news

Did you know you can easily follow my blog via email and/or RSS Feeds? People often ask me; “is there an update for AdRotate Professional”. Or I get emails with support questions asking things that have either been fixed or added in later versions of the plugin. Clearly they didn’t know about updates. Some people didn’t update for years.

This is a security risk for various reasons, but also a big strain on support time. If I have to sort of copy paste “Update to the latest version, it’ll fix your issue” for half of the emails I have less time to answer real support questions.

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Phasing out legacy licenses

With the next update for AdRotate Pro I’ll be phasing out all legacy licenses. This means that if you want to continue to use AdRotate Pro after that and receive updates, premium support and access to AdRotate Geo you’re going to need a new license key.

Who will be affected

Without exception, all licenses starting with 101, those sold before January 2015, will no longer receive updates and support. And, later on, will be excluded from AdRotate Geo as well.

If you wish to continue to receive updates, support and have access to AdRotate Geo you need a new license after the next update of AdRotate Pro.

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Christmas and New Year sale 2017


The holiday season is upon us. Which means it’s time for a sale! Get any AdRotate Pro license over the sale period for 20% off. Thinking of monetizing your WordPress website? Now is the time!

Are you a online magazine looking to monetize your business? Grab a license this weekend! Small budget and looking to earn more? Christmas is the time to get on with it! Earn some extra money with advertising, manage your campaigns with ease in AdRotate Pro!

Promo details

Valid: December 20 2017 through December 31, 2017 (GMT+8 timezone, that’s South East Asia).
Coupon Code: XMASXMAS
Discount: 20% on AdRotate Pro (All license types).

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday is here!

Iiiit’s Black Friday again. Time for a sale! As is tradition in some countries to start the christmas season. Get any AdRotate Pro license over the weekend for 30% off. Thinking of starting that advertising network on your WordPress Multisite? Now is the time!

You’re a smaller online magazine looking to monetize your business? Grab a license this weekend! Small budget and looking to earn more? Black Friday is the time to get on with it!

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