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Summer Sale 2018 – Get AdRotate Pro today!


Summer is here! That means it’s time for a sale! Get any AdRotate Pro license over the sale period for 20% off. Thinking of monetising your WordPress website? Now is the time!

If you are you a online magazine looking to monetise your business? Get a license this month! If you are on a small budget and looking to earn more? Now is the time to get on with it! Earn some extra money with advertising, manage your campaigns with ease in AdRotate Pro!

Promo details

Valid: June 11th 2018 through June 25th 2018 (GMT+8 timezone, that’s South East Asia).
Coupon Code: SUMMER2018
Discount: 20% on AdRotate Pro (All license types).

AdRotate Free 4.4 – Available now!

This months update fixes a few things with exporting adverts, doing away with the XML format and going to a more portable CSV structure. All translation files have been updated with new strings and someone even bothered to update the Spanish translation. Thanks!

Banner folder changes

Due to how WordPress works (or doesn’t work) giving too much freedoms for folder locations doesn’t exactly work without a crap-ton of work. I hate re-inventing the wheel so the logical choice was to get with the program and force the banners folder to be in the wp-content folder (or it’s equivalent).

The banners folder can not be moved in AdRotate Free, but internal references still had to be updated so it’s compatible with AdRotate Pro. This change will be unnoticable for 99% of all users, if not more.

However, if your banner images seem missing or banners can’t load their image please get in touch: Forum.


  • [new] Advert exports to CSV
  • [new] Option to delete old export files in Settings > Maintenance
  • [change] Banner folder must be in wp-content (or it’s equivalent)
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks
  • [change] XML exporting no longer supported
  • [change] Advert exporting now requires ‘ad_manage’ permission
  • [i18n] Settings tabs added
  • [i18n] Updated Spanish by Juanjo Navarra
  • [i18n] Updated all po files with new strings

Wearing a helmet while driving a motorbike

In reality there have been a bunch of laws around this, for years. Just nobody enforced them. Starting last month helmets are now “required”. Which basically means that police teams are setting up easily avoidable checkpoints to see if you wear a helmet. Until they get re-tasked to do something else. I don’t object to wearing helmets, but a ‘ordinary’ city helmet while trailriding is a bit odd… I’ll probably get a Motocross helmet soon.

A new plugin! No-Bot Registration!

Tired of fake accounts, spam accounts and other useless crap creating accounts on your WordPress website? Get No-Bot Registration and protect your sign up forms with a simple human friendly security question.

The questions can be as simple or as complex as you want, you can set multiple questions if you’d like, too.
What about manual account creations? They typically use a certain series of domain name. If you notice a trend of such registrations – Simply block the email address, domain name or even the entire top level domain (tld).

Proven effective

I made this plugin in 2015 or so, and have been using it every since on this website and some others. Originally meant to be used by myself alone. But it’s usefulness is so great I decided to redo a few things, create a proper dashboard and release it so everyone can benefit from it. For me, on my sites, fake account registrations has gone down greatly and those that get through are blocked effectively with the blocklist 🙂

More information on No-Bot Registration is available here: No-Bot Registration!
Or the direct link to WordPress.org: No-Bot Registration on WordPress.org.