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Show Review for WooCommerce

Another handy little plugin for WooCommerce. This time to show a random review on any page. If you want to convince your customers of your awesome products or services you can do so with reviews. Collecting reviews on products is fine. Perhaps you have a widget to show them in a sidebar… But now you can also show them on any page or post.

Show Review adds a Shortcode to WordPress which you can use in posts, pages and text widgets and a random review from your WooCommerce products rolls out. A different one on every page load. Super simple, no setup required other than adding the Shortcode where you want a review to show.

Check out the Show Review for WooCommerce plugin here:

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MacBook Pro 2018 after 3 months of daily use

In February 2019 I got the latest and greatest MacBook Pro 15inch for myself. This will be my only computer which I use to develop my plugins on; AdRotate Pro and Analytics Spam Blocker and stuff like that. I also like to play a game every now and then. I watch movies, listen to my music. You know, the main computer I have to depend on for at least 1 to 2 years.

Coming from a 2015 MacBook Pro 13inch. I really like the design of the MacBook Pros and this new one is no exception. But it’s not without it’s flaws.

Over the last few years Apple, in my opinion, has been moving steadily away from ‘innovative and cool’ to ‘money-grab and elitist’. For this reason I gave up on iPhones and iPads. Never cared for gimmicks as the Apple Watch or AppleTV. And will probably never own an iPhone again with this very reason at the top of my little list of gripes.

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AdRotate Pro got featured on CyberChimps

Today AdRotate Pro got featured on the website of CyberChimps. The popular theme maker for WordPress themes. They wrote a really nice review outlining some features and benefits of using AdRotate and/or AdRotate Pro!

I am always interested in techniques to help one make money out of a website and one of the time-tested ways is to sell ad space on your website. While this can seem like a low-effort, no-brainer task – it can depend largely on how automated your Ad Management process is.
And if you have a WordPress website, you would want to install the best ad management plugin out there – one that takes care of the entire advertising campaign cycle.

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Do you like AdRotate? Write a review!

time-for-reviewOn recently the review system got “cleaned up” by removing old ratings. These are from the pre-review system where you could just click your star rating and an actual review wasn’t required. But also even older ones, where reviews didn’t even exist. Unfortunately a lot of plugins, including AdRotate, are now left with lower ratings because of that cleanup. I lost almost a full point on the 5 star scale because of this new system. Not good.

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