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One year in the Philippines, 20% off on all plugins


I’m in the Philippines for one year this week. That’s a milestone… I think it’s a milestone 🙂 So, reason to celebrate. Grab your copy of AdRotate Pro, Omnikassa for WooCommerce or Merchant E-Solutions for WooCommerce at a discounted price of 20% off this week.

Promo details

Valid: September 30 through October 7, 2016 (GMT+8 timezone, that’s South East Asia).
Coupon Code: ONEYEARPH
Discount: 20% on all plugins/licenses.


You know, that stupid feeling when everything is wondrous, tiring, amazing and strange. But you don’t really care while you totally should? Yea, culture shock when I arrived in the Philippines. Or maybe it was the heat. Anyway, this is what my backpack looked like a year ago.


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The feeling of dread when creditcards are used

You know something is very wrong with the world when you’re not at all pleased to see someone use a creditcard on your site to buy something. Sure you appreciate the sale, but you just know there is a huge chance it’s going to end up in a dispute or chargeback because the card was stolen.

This has been the case for me pretty much every time someone bought one of the more expensive licenses with a creditcard. The reversal rate on these sales is nearly 100%. Not because people keep changing their mind or are being dumb with their monthly statements. Nope, it’s because almost every purchase was done with a stolen credit card. It’s ridiculous. Lately I just roll my eyes, thinking “here we go again” whenever someone uses a credit card for the more expensive purchases.

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