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AdRotate Free 4.13 – Ready for action!

A maintenance update with a bunch of database cleanups, dashboard tweaks and updated language files. Turns out that in recent versions a few options in the WordPress options table were no longer used. So they could be removed.
All language files are updated with the latest strings.


  • [change] Updated outbound links
  • [change] Removed Pushover support
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks
  • [change] Removed unused database options from wp_options
  • [i18n] Updated language files


Apparently this thing is still about to explode… But it seems nobody cares anymore. Haven’t heard anything about it for months.


Downloads are offered via your dashboard shortly. You can also download the latest version here:
Get AdRotate Free here; AdRotate for WordPress
Get AdRotate Pro here; AdRotate Pro for WordPress

AdRotate Pro 4.10.1 – i18n updates!

A small maintenance update fixing more translation strings and updating all translation files.


  • [i18n] Corrected/included some of missing strings

The road was a lie

Checking the map, it said there was a map – Or at least a path. I don’t think this counted… I followed this thing for a bit, but the mud and jungle got too much. To the point there was no distinguishable path anymore.

AdRotate Pro 4.10 – Bugfixes and translations

A small update fixing some things for advertisers and how they manage adverts. A bunch of updates and changes have been made to translation files. Lots of strings were missing or had the wrong label apparently. This has been fixed.


  • [fix] Not setting the right currency for non USD paypal accounts
  • [fix] Unpaid status not always correctly showing for adverts
  • [i18n] Added missing strings in dashboard notifications
  • [i18n] Corrected/included lots of missing strings

Some zoo’s don’t deserve to be one

The one I was on is high on my imaginary list of shitty zoo’s.
I’ve emailed a number of animal preservation organizations to hopefully get the tigers and monkeys out… What a sorry mess 🙁