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AdRotate Pro 4.1 – Transactions!

logo-512x512It took a while, but here it is. AdRotate Pro 4.1. This update adds a whole bunch of things. Including a more clean menu. But more importantly a basic transaction system. And, you can accept payments via Paypal right from your dashboard (ish).

Mobile adverts has been expanded a bit and can now differentiate between iOS and Android for mobile devices. Widgets got a bit of a upgrade, too.


Transactions let’s you assign adverts to advertisers as usual, and when the advert expires or runs out of budget it disables automatically until a new payment has been made. I’m not entirely sure if this is the right workflow, but your feedback will show me what can be improved.

Transactions in itself are simple enough to use. But the overall feature/system probably needs some polish and optimisation in terms of ease of use.
A bunch of the manuals are already updated for Transactions – When required I’ll add more.


Also long overdue for updates were a few manuals. I have updated and rewritten about half of them. Adding the newer features or rewording stuff. Also a few older items are removed.


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  • Network license no longer supported – Get a free upgrade!
  • [new] Widget wrapper option
  • [new] Widget now auto-detects Network adverts and groups
  • [new] Enable/disable dashboard for Network Sites
  • [new] Set up a primary site to control the network
  • [new] Transactions menu item and relevant dashboard
  • [new] Mobile OS detection and filtering
  • [new] Paypal payments for campaigns
  • [fix] Group settings not loaded if group is from another site_id
  • [fix] Click tracking not always working if your HTML is in uppercase
  • [fix] Hourly impressions limit now properly filtered
  • [change] AdRotate Pro menu re-done and updated
  • [change] ‘Moderation Queue’ now a tab in ‘Adverts’
  • [change] ‘Rejected Adverts’ merged with ‘Queue’ tab
  • [change] ‘Full Report’ moved to it’s own menu item
  • [change] ‘Stats’ from Adverts moved to new ‘Statistics’ menu
  • [change] ‘Stats’ from Groups moved to new ‘Statistics’ menu
  • [change] ‘Network’ license no longer supported
  • [change] ‘site’ variable now acts as switch, not a selector


AdRotate Services

A few weeks ago I’ve re-introduced AdRotate services. And bumped up the existing ones.
You can see all products and services on the pricing page.
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  • AdRotate Installation/Update
    For when you need help installing or updating the plugin.
  • HTML5 advert setup
    When you need help getting your HTML5 adverts to work.
  • AdRotate Setup (Contact for details)
    When you want me to set up the first adverts and groups in your new AdRotate Setup


These services are useful when regular support is not enough or you simply do not want to deal with these kinds of things yourself.

Sugar Beach

Me, beach, soon! I’ve been in a city for 6 months now and I think it’s time to rediscover the fun side of the Philippines. I’m going to travel around again for a while. And probably won’t stick around the same city for more than a few weeks/2-3 months anytime soon.

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New services for AdRotate and AdRotate Pro

service-installationOver the past few months there has been a increase in requests to install AdRotate Pro on peoples websites. Starting today this is now a service, available to everyone with a WordPress website who wishes to use AdRotate or AdRotate Pro. Also the HTML5 Setup service has been made easier to get.

Installation and Update service

Obviously this service is aimed at the less tech savvy among us. So if you want to monetise your blog but don’t know how? I’m here to help! Grab a copy of AdRotate (preferably AdRotate Pro *wink*) and order yourself some service.

I’ll help you get started with AdRotate or AdRotate Pro in no time by doing the installation, initial configuration and preparing the setup for your use.

The same applies to updating the plugin. Not sure how that works? Or if your hosting provider (or whoever) blocks the automated update. You can use this service to have me do it for you.

Check out the service here:

HTML5 Setup Service

At the same time I’ve sort of re-done the HTML5 Setup Service and made it into a proper product. You can now order this from the pricing page. This, of-course, is aimed at making this service more easy. You no longer have to email me first for a quote only to hear it’s €22.50 per advert. You can now just order how many adverts you want set up and I’ll do so. Easy as anything ๐Ÿ™‚

If you need help with setting up your HTML5 adverts, check out this service:

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AdRotate Switch 1.5.2 – Available now

switch-logoA small but large update for AdRotate Switch today. Updating various import scripts and some other tweaks. A bunch of source plugins have seen some updates. AdRotate Switch is now compatible with these versions.

All scripts have been tested and found in order. However, if you run into trouble please post it on the AdRotate Switch forum for a quick solution.


[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • Updated for AdRotate Pro 4.0 and newer
  • Updated for AdRotate 3.15.5 and newer
  • Updated to work with ‘Advanced Ads System v1.3’
  • Tested to work with ‘Wp Advertize it v1.1.2’
  • Tested to work with ‘Simple Ads Manager v2.9.8.125’
  • Tested to work with ‘wp125 v1.5.4’
  • Fixed ‘wp125’ import now looks in the right database table
  • Updated i18n


Summersale 2016

Today is the last day of this weeks sale. Grab your license while you can!
Valid: August 22 through August 29, 2016 (GMT+8 timezone, that’s South East Asia).
Coupon Code: SUMMER2016
Discount: 20% on all plugins/licenses

Such sunsets

When you stroll around the country and see things like this. It’s just beautiful. And people still wonder why I like it here…


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AdRotate Free 3.15.7- Bugfixes

logo-512x512 A small update with 2 important fixes. Dashboard notifications should now show up properly – I didn’t notice this before because of a stuck browser cache or something… Also creating adverts now works more reliably and schedules are properly assigned again.

Don’t forget the summer sale this week, details below!


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  • [fix] Editing empty adverts losing settings before saving
  • [fix] Dashboard notifications not formatted properly


Summersale 2016

We have a little sale going on this week. Benefit today!
Valid: August 22 through August 29, 2016 (GMT+8 timezone, that’s South East Asia).
Coupon Code: SUMMER2016
Discount: 20% on all plugins/licenses

We’re going down!

Yea, that’s my hotel burning… Back in March. Apparently someone knocked over a candle which set a 140 houses ablaze, including parts of the hotel I was staying in. One of the more scarier nights in recent times.