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You can now give me your Bitcoin and Dogecoin!

It appears crypto has been booming for a while now. If the hype is to be believed every is doing it. This is of-course nonsense. But it sort of makes sense these days to start accepting your money in more ways than clumsy creditcards or unfair Paypal transactions.
I’ve tried ‘investing’ (hodling I guess) a few times now but never had much patience for it. I think it’s because I don’t spend enough time paying attention to it and as such treated it as just a silly side thing.

No more!

Starting today, January 17th 2022, I’m accepting Bitcoin and Dogecoin on both this website and my newly launched travel website

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End of year sale 2020 – All plugins 30% off!

The end of the year is around to corner. So I figure it’s time for an end of year sale! All plugins, including AdRotate Pro and all WooCommerce plugins, are 30% off! Don’t enjoy Christmas too much just yet, get AdRotate Professional first. It’ll be quick and easy to set up and with your first earnings you can celebrate even more!

Or, if you’re not looking for an advertising manager, consider improving your WooCommerce set up with my handy little plugins. Faster checkout? Yes please! Want to know which payment gateway is most used? That’s useful, too! You can find out with my plugins.

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