Getting started with AdRotate

Updated: January 2015

In these pages I will try to explain the basics of setting up a advertising campaign with AdRotate (Pro). Explain how a group works and how you can create adverts. Of course you are encouraged to just try things out as not everything will be explained in these pages. Refer to the manuals for more details on features not (fully) covered here.

In these pages I’ll assume that you have installed AdRotate or AdRotate Pro but have no yet configured it. If you haven’t done so already install AdRotate (Pro) first.

For the sake of consistency you’ll see AdRotate Pro in the screenshots. Some features you may see are not available in the Free version of AdRotate. If you need the extra features or simply want to support AdRotate Development you can buy a AdRotate Pro License through this page; Purchase an AdRotate Pro License.