AdRotate Professional

Advertising PluginProfessional advertising software for your WordPress website in the shape of AdRotate®. A household name for advertising for many. With thousands of active installations, AdRotate® is one of the most popular advertising plugins for WordPress. Start making money today with AdRotate!

Analytics Spam Blocker

Spam ProtectionEasy to use spam protection tools for WordPress. Counter Referral spam without effort to keep your website analytics relevant. Prevent automated bots from registering fake and spam accounts on your website with ease. Get rid of spammers and referral spam in minutes!

AdRotate Pro
€ 39
Advertising manager
WordPress Plugin
One site license
Easy advertising
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AdRotate Pro
€ 49
Advertising manager
WordPress Plugin
Two sites license
Monetize WordPress
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Single Page Checkout
€ 10
Checkout Plugin
WooCommerce Plugin
Merge cart and checkout
Easier checkout for customers
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WordPress Installation
€ 22,50
Professional Service
Your own website
Get started with WordPress
Setup and configuration
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Recently Paypal once again announced they will raise transaction fees. They also changed their Terms of Service in a way that you as a merchant are more liable for your customers antics, making it easier for them to charge you when trouble arrises (which should occur rarely, if ever. But still, not cool!). By my […] Read more »

AdRotate Free 5.4.2 – Update today!

Some fixes to the dashboard, a lot of tweaks and minute changes. And a bunch of background code got cleaned up. The AdRotate Pro page got redone along with some other changes. Read more »

AdRotate Pro 5.4.1 & 5.4.2 – CSS Output fixed

A maintenance update fixing a few quirks on the dashboard. And for your convenience a few more error checks for adverts have been added. If something goes wrong with creating or updating adverts. AdRotate Pro can now tell you about it even better. Someone noticed a missing semi-colon in the CSS output, causing some weird […] Read more »

Summer sale 2019 – Get AdRotate Pro on the cheap!

It’s summer time, but it’s also time to get AdRotate Pro and a HTML5 website first! Don’t enjoy the sun too much just yet. Get AdRotate Pro first. Set it up, see the money come in and then go and enjoy the sun with all the time you save by using AdRotate Pro! Or, if […] Read more »

What others say about my plugins

We depend on Ad Rotate for all of our ad placements. It is the core of our revenue.

AdRotate is the only plugin solution that offers ease of use + extensive options + analytics all in one. I don't have to leave the admin to see how my ads are performing which is another added benefit. Really great plugin!