I’ve left my life in the Netherlands behind and travel regularly to a new location. I’ve been all over Europe, parts of North Africa and South East Asia. Being a sort of Digital Nomad, I found new things to do and learned to leave behind a lot of things and habits. My life is much simpler now, but at the same time brought a whole new set of challenges. I’m searching for my paradise.

It turns out that paradise is a hard thing to find.

I work online from various locations, whatever the mood and availability is, the world is sort of my office. Though, to be able concentrate more I prefer the quiet of my own place.

I mainly create WordPress plugins and I think WooCommerce is interesting. Over the past few years WordPress and WooCommerce have been my focus. To create plugins for WordPress and occasionally WooCommerce. Next to that I handle all support and sales for all plugins and services I provide. This website is a big focus point and learning experience for me to build and maintain it in the best way possible. I’m also active on some WordPress related groups on Facebook where I answer questions from people.

Currently I’m available as a freelance developer for the odd job to customize WordPress sites. Modify a theme or (re)write a text. I also create HTML driven profile pages, similar to this website. If you need a hand with your project and want to discuss it with me, get in touch.

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