Hi, I am Arnan, the 30-something webdeveloper. I make cool plugins for WordPress, WooCommerce and bbPress. I work freelance and independently. If you need, I can help manage your website and do service and maintenance, too.


Since 2005 I have been working with WordPress. 2 weeks after I installed WordPress 1.5.2 I saw a need and created my first plugin for it. A since defunct plugin called “Events”. A first plugin in its category. Since then I have created dozens of plugins of all kinds for WordPress and since 2012 also for WooCommerce. These include plugins in a whole slew of categories ranging from Event planning to Advertising to Payment Gateways. Some of those plugins even got popular… Imagine that, hah!

I’ve always been a bit of a tech nerd. Around the turn of the century I used to work as an electrician, finding a affinity with large scale computer networking (the building part of it) and combined that with being a security engineer. Later on I’ve worked for various Apple hardware repair shops, data recovery services and then moved on full-time to WordPress related work around 2012, turning my hobby into a job.

In 2015 I left the Netherlands behind in search for something more sunny and fun. I’m still searching today. As a result I travel regularly to a new location. Currently I’m in Mexico. I’ve been all over Europe, parts of North Africa and spent a few years in South East Asia. Kinda like those digital nomad types. Though I do not consider myself a digital nomad.

Plugins and Services

Over the past few years WordPress and WooCommerce have been my focus. Next to that I handle all support and sales for all plugins and services I provide. This website is of-course a big focus point and a great learning experience for me to build and maintain it in the best way possible.

For my plugins I also provide a set of services, aimed at helping people troubleshoot and install the plugins I create and sometimes I’ll fix their server, too. Backed by more than 20 years of experience I know my way around HTML/CSS, Javascript, MySQL/SQL, and of-course PHP 3 and up. I guess that’s called Fullstack Developer these days. I’ve created API from scratch, I wrote a chatbot for IRC in PHP once. I’ve built PCs, repaired Macs and iPhones and I run and maintain servers. And I almost know what I’m doing. You know, like an adventure nerd…

I create plugins for fun. But also recognized the need to take it more serious so I can help others and enjoy my life.

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