Hi, I am Arnan, the 30-something webdeveloper. I make cool plugins for WordPress, WooCommerce and bbPress. I work freelance and independently. If you need, I can help manage your website and do service and maintenance, too.


In 2015 I left the Netherlands behind in search for something more sunny and fun. I’m still searching today. As a result I travel regularly to a new location. Currently I’m in Mexico. I’ve been all over Europe, parts of North Africa and spent a few years in South East Asia. Kinda like those digital nomad types. Though I do not consider myself a digital nomad.

Since 2005 I have been working with WordPress. 2 weeks after I installed WordPress 1.5.2 I saw a need and created my first plugin for it. A since defunct plugin called “Events”. A first plugin in its category. Since then I have created dozens of plugins of all kinds for WordPress and since 2012 also for WooCommerce and a whole slew of categories ranging from Event planning to Advertising to Payment Gateways. Some of those plugins even got popular… Imagine that, hah!

Plugins and Services

Over the past few years WordPress and WooCommerce have been my focus. Next to that I handle all support and sales for all plugins and services I provide. This website is of-course a big focus point and a great learning experience for me to build and maintain it in the best way possible.

For my plugins I also provide a set of services, aimed at helping people troubleshoot and install the plugins I create and sometimes I’ll fix their server, too. Backed by more than 20 years of experience I know my way around HTML/CSS, Javascript, MySQL/SQL, and of-course PHP 3 and up. I guess that’s called Fullstack Developer these days. I’ve created API from scratch, I wrote a chatbot for IRC in PHP once. I’ve built PCs, repaired Macs and iPhones and I run and maintain servers. And I almost know what I’m doing. You know, like an adventure geek…

I create plugins for fun. But also recognized the need to take it more serious so I can help others and enjoy my life.

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