AdRotate Professional

AdRotate® Professional is one of the most popular banner managers to publish your campaigns on WordPress. Make use of the comprehensive and easy to use dashboard that suits novices and professionals alike. Create and manage unlimited adverts with Adrotate Professional. Enable statistics, Geo Targeting, schedule adverts in advance and run successful advertising campaigns with ease using the many useful features AdRotate Professional has to offer. If you are a WordPress user looking to monetise your website you should use AdRotate to get the most out of your advertisements and have the greatest flexibility.

Paypal Surcharge

Paypal Surcharge for WooCommerce. Charge your customers a surcharge for the use of PayPal. With the ever increasing Merchant Rates PayPal makes you pay for every transaction running a profitable business becomes harder and harder.

Single Page Checkout

Make it easy on your customers with Single Page Checkout for WooCommerce. Merge your cart and checkout pages into one easy to use single page in seconds – With no setup required at all.

Analytics Spam Blocker

Keep your WordPress website analytics such as Google Analytics or Piwik/Matomo Analytics free from referral spam with Analytics Spam Blocker. Easily report new domains from your dashboard and get updated referral spam lists daily.

No-Bot Registration

Bring a halt to automated registrations on your site by protecting your login and sign-up forms with a user friendly security question. Configure your own questions and answers and protect WordPress and WooCommerce in minutes.

AdRotate Switch

The easiest migration tool for AdRotate and AdRotate Professional. Transfer all your adverts and compatible settings from one of the many supported advertising plugins to AdRotate or AdRotate Professional in a few minutes.

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