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AdRotate Pro for WordPress. Use AdRotate on two websites for increased revenue. Get started today and monetise your websites with ease!

The Duo License is a popular choice to publish banners on two WordPress websites. Providing a comprehensive and easy to learn experience for novices and professionals alike. Create and manage unlimited ads with AdRotate Pro – A great advertising plugin for WordPress.

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Get the most out of AdRotate but have 2 websites or 2 blogs in a multisite.
The power of two! If you have 2 websites and don’t want to pay full price for 2 licenses, take advantage of this 2 license bundle!

AdRotate Professional allows you to set up, manage and run successful advertisement campaigns on your WordPress website within minutes. Benefit from additional features and fast support.

Geo Targeting

ease-of-useTarget your audience with Geo Targeting. Specify in which countries or cities your advert shows. AdRotate Pro users get access to AdRotate Geo – A free lookup service exclusively for AdRotate Pro users. Next to that, AdRotate Pro supports several other Geo Targeting platforms such as MaxMind and ipstack.


ease-of-useYou decide when your adverts show up. Schedule your adverts for the holiday season. Or the summer. Let them run only at night. Or on certain week days. With the many possibilities you’ll always show the right advert at the right time.

Mobile Adverts

ease-of-useWith the growing trend of mobile users it’s important to show suitable adverts to mobile browsers. If you have mobile adverts that resizes to the device, that’s great and will work right out the box. If your advert doesn’t do that you can can create a 2nd or 3rd advert especially made for Smartphones or Tablets with AdRotate Pro.


ease-of-useStats, analytics and other numbers. Clicks matter, impressions are important. And AdRotate counts them all. Using AdRotate’s tracker you get a comprehensive overview of how your adverts perform and calculates a CTR from that. If you prefer to use Google Analytics or Matomo/Piwik, those are supported too.

Easy to use

ease-of-useAdRotate Pro, just like the free version of AdRotate, is designed to be easy to use. This means that all dashboards will look familiar and are styled very similarly to the WordPress dashboard. But more importantly, all features and options are made to be easy to use and understand.

Premium Support

ease-of-useIf you have questions about a feature. Want to improve your AdRotate Pro setup or simply need some clarifications on how to use the plugin. Don’t worry! If you have AdRotate Pro you’re always in the priority inbox. Getting help is made easy with the contact form right in your dashboard. Emails sent through there always get answered first!

Note: If you have AdRotate already installed and are upgrading to Pro you can simply have AdRotate Pro replace the regular version. All your settings and running ads are automatically moved over.

Advertisements Types of adverts
Unlimited Adverts Self hosted Banners/Text Links
Live preview when creating adverts Self hosted HTML5/Flash adverts
Weight (visibility) Javascript based (Adsense/DFP/DoubleClick etc.)
Mobile adverts (Detect smartphones and/or tablets) Most affiliate banners
Groups Scheduling
Unlimited Groups Unlimited Schedules
Dynamic mode (Rotate every few seconds) Date & Time range
Block mode (Multiple adverts in a grid) Select which weekdays the advert shows
Fallback group Maximum clicks
Post/Page injection Maximum impressions
Post/Page injection for widgets Spread impressions
Geo Targeting Statistics
ipv4 & ipv6 Internal Statistics
Target countries Track with Google/Piwik/Matomo Analytics
Target states (Most developed countries) Exclude clicks from logged-in users
Target cities Bot filter
Multisite Status Notifications
Works in a Multisite Dashboard notifications
Network activation (Developer License) Email notifications
Cross site adverts (Network Activated)  

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5 reviews for AdRotate Pro (Duo)

  1. Henley Graphics

    After playing around with several ad plugins. AdRotate offered some features the others only offered in premium version. We have used it on several sites and it met our needs for each one.

  2. Volker

    Does what’s actually needed. Easy to use and fast to learn.

  3. Asis Rodriguez

    Thanks very much for your plugin, your ideas and your help.

  4. Polly Craig

    AdRotate is a great Plugin. I have been using it for over a year.
    The support staff has been very cooperative and extremely helpful in helping me set up and continue to run adverts on my website.

  5. Erica

    AdRotate is the only plugin solution that offers ease of use + extensive options + analytics all in one. I don’t have to leave the admin to see how my ads are performing which is another added benefit. Really great plugin!

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