Frequently Asked Questions

I want you to do work for me, what happens next?

When you have given the go ahead on a job or project you will receive an email informing you about a created ticket in the AJdG Solutions ticket system. In this ticket you can follow the progress of your order. Here your wishes, your requirements and login details and such are listed. This is a protected area where only you have access to.
Me, or your assigned developer, will strive to complete the order within the agreed upon timeframe and keep you updated through the ticket system.

I want to work for you

I’m not hiring.

Are you a real company? Or how should I view that?

Yes, I consider myself a freelance developer and systems administrator and am registered as such at the Chamber of Commerce in Alkmaar in the Netherlands under number 55257879.
Your Credit Card/Paypal statements can name “AJDG.NET”, “AJDG/ADROTATE” or “AJDG SOLUTIONS” in the payment description. This is one and the same organization.

Why do you not give refunds?

Due to the nature of the products I provide, digital downloads and services, I do not give refunds. Intangible products can not be returned. However, if you are unsatisfied with the result or you believe it takes too long to complete the order or for any reason you are not satisfied with the services I provide please do tell so we can find a solution for your concerns. You can do so via my contact form or via the ticket support system.

How can i cancel my order?

Contact me via the contact form as soon as possible with transaction details and your order number. Please outline the reason for canceling (for my curiosity). An order can not be cancelled once work is well under way or after downloads have been made available.

What is a cvv code and why do I need it?

If you pay with your credit card you may be asked for a CVV code during checkout. A CVV code is a security feature for modern credit cards.


Why don’t you collect my VAT/Tax number?

Any and all orders placed within the European Union (EU) are eligible for taxes. Often called VAT, BTW or simply Tax(es). Because of the stupid rules the EU has for sales involving digital downloads and online services I do not collect VAT IDs anymore and treat you as a consumer. This means you as a business pay taxes. On my quarterly tax submission I will pay the correct amount to your countries tax administration via the VAT MOSS system on your behalf. If you are not inside the European Union no tax will be charged.