Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a real business? Or how should I view that?

I am a freelance developer.
Your Credit Card/Paypal statements (depending on which checkout option you use) can name “ARNAN DE GANS”, “AJDG.NET”, “AJDG/ADROTATE” or “AJDG SOLUTIONS” in monthly statements. This is all me.

Why do you not give refunds?

Due to the nature of the products I provide, digital downloads and services, I do not give refunds. Intangible products can unfortunately not be returned. However, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase or you believe it takes too long to complete your order or for any reason you are not happy with the services I provide please tell me so we can find a solution for your concerns. You can do so via the contact form.

How can I cancel my order?

Contact me via the contact form as soon as possible with transaction details and your order number. Please outline the reason for canceling (for my curiosity). An order can not be cancelled once work is well under way or after downloads have been made available.

Where did my account go?

When you register an account and don’t do anything with it, it gets deleted after a while. This keeps the site clean, free of robots and keeps pointless accounts to a minimum.

Why is my email address banned/blacklisted?

Unfortunately the internet is full of spam, trolls, hackers and other crap. I am actively maintaining an extensive blacklist/blocklist/spamlist which includes anything that I deem annoying or spammy. This also includes domains (such as hotmail/outlook and other free email services) who have put me on a watchlist. Just to avoid confusion and frustration in the future. Some TLD (such as .pl, .info and .cn) are blocked completely.

How did you make this website?

With WordPress, a bunch of plugins. I’ve written plugins and API myself to manage the AdRotate Pro ecosystem and I’ve bought a theme from WooThemes which I’ve customized a fair bit.
Some icons were provided by Laura Reen.
Most logos are designed by Igor ‘MonteR’ Glushchenko.

What’s all this about the Philippines?

I’ve ditched mainstream life in Europe for something more sunny and enjoyable. Your invoice may list an address located in a unconventional place because of it. Don’t worry though, that’s just me enjoying my life! You can read a bit more about me and my motivations for moving to the Philippines on my personal website –

What is a cvv/cv2 code and why do I need it?

When you pay with your credit card you will be asked for a security code during checkout. This code is a security feature for modern credit cards.


I want to work for you

I’m not hiring.

Want to do a collaboration project?

Probably not, I’m not very social.