AdRotate Professional (Single)

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AdRotate Professional for WordPress. Get started and run successful advertisement campaigns on your WordPress website within minutes.

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Get more out of AdRotate on a single website or single blog in multisite.

AdRotate Professional lets you set up, manage and run successful advertisement campaigns on your WordPress website within minutes. The Single License is the popular choice to publish banners on WordPress.

Use the straightforward dashboard that’s easy to understand for novices and professionals alike. Create and manage unlimited ads with AdRotate Pro – A great advertising plugin for WordPress.

Your license is valid for 1 year after purchasing and includes Automatic Updates, Premium Support and access to AdRotate Geo.

Geo Targeting

ease-of-useTarget your audience with Geo Targeting. Specify in which countries or cities your advert shows. AdRotate Pro users get access to AdRotate Geo – A free lookup service exclusively for AdRotate Pro users. Next to that, AdRotate Pro supports several other Geo Targeting platforms such as MaxMind and ipstack.


ease-of-useYou decide when your adverts show up. Schedule your adverts for the holiday season. Or the summer. Let them run only at night. Or on certain week days. With the many possibilities you’ll always show the right advert at the right time.

Mobile Adverts

ease-of-useWith the growing trend of mobile users it’s important to show suitable adverts to mobile browsers. If you have mobile adverts that resizes to the device, that’s great and will work right out the box. If your advert doesn’t do that you can can create a 2nd or 3rd advert especially made for Smartphones or Tablets with AdRotate Pro.


ease-of-useStats, analytics and other numbers. Clicks matter, impressions are important. And AdRotate counts them all. Using AdRotate’s tracker you get a comprehensive overview of how your adverts perform and calculates a CTR from that. If you prefer to use Google Analytics or Matomo/Piwik, those are supported too.

Easy to use

ease-of-useAdRotate Pro, just like the free version of AdRotate, is designed to be easy to use. This means that all dashboards will look familiar and are styled very similarly to the WordPress dashboard. But more importantly, all features and options are made to be easy to use and understand.

Advertiser Campaigns

Advertising CampaignsWith AdRotate Pro you can let your advertisers create their own adverts. This saves you time. Have your advertisers manage their own adverts and all you have to do is review them. This gives you more time to create content.


NotificationsYou’re always in the look with email and/or dashboard notifications. Get notified when adverts expire, have errors or when advertisers create new adverts. Never miss an expiration date again. AdRotate Professional checks adverts for many things when you save them and tells you when something goes wrong.

Premium Support

ease-of-useIf you have questions about a feature. Want to improve your AdRotate Pro setup or simply need some clarifications on how to use the plugin. Don’t worry! If you have AdRotate Pro you’re always in the priority inbox. Getting help is made easy with the contact form right in your dashboard. Emails sent through there always get answered first!

Note: If you have AdRotate already installed and are upgrading to Pro you can simply have AdRotate Pro replace the regular version. All your settings and running ads are automatically moved over.

AdRotate comes in two flavours. A regular Free version named AdRotate and a more feature rich version called AdRotate Professional for which you have to buy a license. Here's how they compare in terms of features.
License Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Activations 1 2 5 100
Support E-Mail E-Mail E-Mail E-Mail Forum
Updates 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Advertisements Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Live preview
Weight (visibility)
Mobile adverts
Types of adverts Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Self hosted adverts
Self hosted HTML5 adverts
HTML5/iFrame based
Javascript based (Adsense/DFP/DoubleClick etc.)
Most affiliate banners
Groups Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Dynamic mode (Rotate every few seconds)
Block mode (Multiple adverts in a grid)
Fallback group
Post/Page injection
Post/Page injection for widgets
Scheduling Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Schedules 1/p ad
Date range
Time range
Select which weekdays the advert shows
Maximum clicks
Maximum impressions
Spread impressions
Geo Targeting Single Duo Multi Developer Free
ipv4 & ipv6
Target countries
Target states (Most developed countries)
Target cities
Statistics Single Duo Multi Developer Free
AdRotate Statistics
Track with Google Analytics
Track with Piwik/Matomo Analytics
Bot filter
Monthly graphs
Export statistics
Advertisers Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Couple adverts to advertisers
Advertisers can see overview of adverts
Advertisers can submit new adverts
Advertisers can select groups/zones
Advertisers can set up Geo Targeting
Advertisers can set up Mobile adverts
Advertisers can see advert previews
Advertisers can Export statistics
Moderation queue for admins
Multisite Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Works in a Multisite
Network activation support
Cross site adverts (Network Activated)
Status Notifications Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Dashboard notifications
Email notifications
Portability Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Export adverts to CSV files
Import adverts from CSV files
Maintenance & Miscellaneous Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Basic support for caching
Permission system
Automated updates
Automated error checking

21 reviews for AdRotate Professional (Single)

  1. Daniel Große

    Very good tool for managing ads on my news-website. Very recommended, very easy to use. And the support via e-mail is very fast. Thanks for the work!

  2. Nan

    I have used ADRotate Pro (single) for five years, and I highly recommend it. It allows me to easily adjust display times to customers’ wishes and budgets. I have had no major problems in five years. The couple of times that I’ve required help with glitches have elicited immediate response from Arnan. He is responsive, courteous and, in my experience, his advice always works. AdRotate Pro makes the financial side of NEMiss.News simple and profitable. We’ve upgraded our site three times in five years, and have changed out many plug-ins. AdRotate Pro is one of the few we have kept from the beginning.

    Nan at NEMiss.News

  3. Zsolt

    Easy to use . Working properly. Strongly recommend.

  4. Britta

    AdRotate is in a class of its own. Easy to use, intuitive. I’ve used it for years, and wouldn’t use anything else. Absolute top notch!

  5. Meredith Flynn

    Great plugin, many options, and works! Thank you!

  6. manaadiar

    The program works very well in general and collecting statistics in particular.. But it is a bit difficult to set start and expiry dates.. Also the updating to a newer version is a bit painful..

  7. florentin

    Very easy-to-use and yet very complex. The best plugin for advertising. Love it.

  8. Dario

    I strongly recommend this plugin. Excellent work!

  9. Lee Binder

    I found that the Author was very responsive with Fixes and ready to Help. The Plugin works great and solves many of the application issues I needed.

  10. Daniel

    Switched over from Ads by datafeedr because I needed monthly reports. This plugin is easy to use, intuitive and when I needed support I got a helpful reply within a day. I definitely recommend purchasing the pro version to support the developer.

  11. Red Tree Technology

    Thank you for providing a plugin that has the FREE options to do the rotation, display, grouping, click counters, paid listings, the whole job to get it off the ground – not just tease people with the potential once they pay a huge monthly fee!

  12. Brett Adams

    Thanks a ton for the latest update, fast support, and good fix. Saved me a lot of time. Love the plugin, keep up the good work.

  13. James

    I’ve paid $27 for plugins that aren’t anywhere near as useful as AdRotate. I’d definitely recommend it.
    And it appears to work with W3 Cache – which is a very welcome addition which means it gets 5 stars from me 🙂

  14. WPTrainMe WordPress Training

    I’ve used AdRotate for years to display banners on multiple site. The plugin is very well supported (the developer constantly upgrades it), has all the banner management features I need and has always performed with no problems.

    I run a WordPress training site for non-technical users and this is one of the plugins I highly recommend in our training tutorials.

  15. IP Ninja

    I love this plug in. It makes managing ads super easy, and I can customize everything exactly the way I want to.

  16. Kathryn

    With AdRotate it is so easy to place advertising banners pretty much anywhere on site.

  17. R.A. Solis

    Arnan is one of the few plugin developers that is responsive and pro-active. I highly recommend his plugin, it works as it should and that goes along way these days.

  18. Sandro

    Fantastic the best plugin for advertising.

  19. Gary

    We depend on Ad Rotate for all of our ad placements. It is the core of our revenue.

  20. Jeremy Hammond

    Adrotate lets me do just what its name suggests. It’s easy to use and gets the job done.

  21. Terry Yelmene

    AdRotate is a very easy-to-use wp plugin that simply works very well.

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Version details

Current version: 5.8.14
Released on: 6 July 2021
Requires WordPress: 5.0
Tested with WordPress: 5.7.2
Requires PHP version: 5.6
Plugin Author: Arnan de Gans

Update details

Enjoy this latest update which has lots of improvements, updated features and some bugfixes.

  • [reversal] Re-added option to disable dynamic mode on mobile
  • [change] Simplified settings text in General Settings
  • [change] Merged Advertiser tab into Roles tab
  • [change] Removed global permissions for advertisers
  • [change] Advertiser advert creation dashboard overhauled
  • [change] Geo Targeting now matches city/state/country independently
  • [change] Geo Targeting now filters faster
  • [new] Edit/Create adverts are now separate permissions for advertisers
  • [new] User Profile controls for advertisers expanded and overhauled
  • [fix] Advertiser permissions work more reliably
  • [fix] Advert no longer fails evaluation if a script tag is present
  • [fix] Initiate sessions a bit later
  • [i18n] Corrected 'Post Injection' labels in Dutch translation

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