AdRotate Professional, 5 site license


With AdRotate Professional you can be up and running with successful advertisement campaigns on up to 5 WordPress or ClassicPress website very quickly and start increasing your revenue!


Get the most out of your ads with AdRotate Professional on up-to 5 websites or up-to 5 blogs in a multisite. AdRotate Professional is built for WordPress and compatible with ClassicPress.

Easily manage your ads with AdRotate Professional on one or two websites. Set up, manage and run successful advertisement campaigns on your website within minutes. The Multi License is an excellent choice for people to publish banners on up to 5 websites.

AdRotate Professional has a straightforward dashboard that’s easy to understand for novices and professionals alike. Create and manage unlimited adverts with AdRotate Professional.

Place adverts of any type with AdRotate Professional including from networks such as; Amazon ads, affiliate networks, Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, DoubleClick, DFP, ads and many more.
With AdRotate Professional you can also create your own HTML adverts within minutes. Just some barebones knowledge of HTML required.

Your license is valid for 1 year after purchasing and includes Automatic Updates, Premium Support and access to AdRotate Geo.

Geo Targeting

ease-of-useTarget your audience with Geo Targeting. Specify in which countries, states or cities your advert shows. AdRotate Pro users get access to AdRotate Geo – A lookup service exclusively for AdRotate Pro users or if you want you can use MaxMind GeoIP, Cloudflare or ipstack instead.


ease-of-useYou decide when your adverts show up. Schedule your adverts for the holiday season. Or the summer. Or whenever you want. Show them only at night. Or on certain week days. With the near endless possibilities you’ll always show the right advert at the right time.

Mobile Adverts

ease-of-useWith the growing trend of mobile users it’s important to show suitable adverts to mobile browsers. If you have mobile adverts that resizes to the device, that’s great and will work right out the box. If your advert doesn’t do that you can can create a 2nd or 3rd advert especially made for Smartphones or Tablets.


ease-of-useStats, analytics and other numbers. Clicks matter, impressions are important. And AdRotate counts them all. Using AdRotate’s tracker you get a comprehensive overview of how your adverts perform and calculates a CTR from that. If you prefer to use Google Analytics or Matomo, those are supported as well.

Easy to use

ease-of-useAdRotate Pro, just like the free version of AdRotate, is designed to be easy to use. This means that all dashboards are well thought out and compacted to look just right. The idea is that the dashboard immediately looks familiar. But more importantly, all features and options are made to be easy to use and understand.

Advertiser Campaigns

Advertising CampaignsSafe some time and involve your advertisers. Optionally have your advertisers manage their own adverts and all you have to do is review the adverts they submit. All changes they make need to be approved by you or an appointed moderator.


NotificationsYou’re always up-to-date with dashboard notifications. Some more important ones are sent out via email as well. Get notified when adverts expire, have errors or when advertisers create new adverts. Never miss an expiration date again.

Premium Support

ease-of-useIf you have questions about a feature. Need some clarifications on how to use the plugin. Don’t worry! You’re always in the priority inbox. Getting help is made easy with the contact form right in your dashboard. Messages sent through there go straight to my ticket system which always get answered first!

Note: If you have AdRotate already installed and are upgrading to AdRotate Pro you can simply have AdRotate Pro replace the regular version. All your settings and running ads are automatically moved over. See the upgrade guide for details.

AdRotate comes in two flavours. A regular Free version named AdRotate Banner Manager and a more feature rich version called AdRotate Professional (or AdRotate Pro for short) for which you have to buy a license. Here's how they compare in terms of features.
License Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Activations 1 2 5 100
Support Ticket Ticket Ticket Ticket Forum
Updates 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Advertisements Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Live preview
Weight (visibility)
Mobile adverts
Types of adverts Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Self hosted adverts
Self hosted HTML5 adverts
HTML5/iFrame based
Javascript based (Adsense/DFP/DoubleClick etc.)
Most affiliate banners
Groups Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Dynamic mode (Rotate every few seconds)
Block mode (Multiple adverts in a grid)
Fallback group
Post/Page injection
Post/Page injection for widgets
Scheduling Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Schedules 1/p ad
Date range
Time range
Select which weekdays the advert shows
Maximum clicks
Maximum impressions
Spread impressions
Geo Targeting Single Duo Multi Developer Free
ipv4 & ipv6
Target countries
Target states (Most developed countries)
Target cities
Statistics Single Duo Multi Developer Free
AdRotate Statistics
Track with Google Analytics
Track with Piwik/Matomo Analytics
Bot filter
Monthly graphs
Export statistics
Advertisers Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Couple adverts to advertisers
Advertisers can see overview of adverts
Advertisers can submit new adverts
Advertisers can select groups/zones
Advertisers can set up Geo Targeting
Advertisers can set up Mobile adverts
Advertisers can see advert previews
Advertisers can Export statistics
Moderation queue for admins
Multisite Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Works in a Multisite
Network activation support
Cross site adverts (Network Activated)
Status Notifications Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Dashboard notifications
Email notifications
Portability Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Export adverts to CSV files
Import adverts from CSV files
Maintenance & Miscellaneous Single Duo Multi Developer Free
Basic support for caching
Permission system
Automated updates
Automated error checking


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Version details and requirements

Current version: 5.13.1
Plugin Author: Arnan de Gans
Requires PHP version: 7.4

Requires WordPress: 4.9
Tested with WordPress: 6.3.1
Requires ClassicPress: 1.0
Tested with ClassicPress: 2.0

Updates: Updates are availale via your dashboard. Served from this website.

Update details

Released on: 5 September 2023
Update summary: Bugfixes and tweaks, quality of life improvements.

Changelog for version 5.13.1:

  • [fix] Correctly loading Mobile Detect
  • [fix] Typo in DONOTCACHEOBJECT constant name
  • [fix] Wrong weight for advertiser created adverts
  • [fix] Advert status selector when moderating advertiser adverts
  • [update] Updated MobileDetect to version 3.74
  • [tweak] Description text for Advert Generator
  • [tweak] Added title to weekday ticks for schedules
  • [tweak] Added title to impression ticks for schedules
  • [new] Devices logic checks to advertiser dashboard
  • [new] Dashboard notification when ads are queued up
  • [removed] Experimental weight levels from advertiser dashboard
  • [api] Updated AdRotate Geo IP/country database

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