AdRotate Update

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Get professional help with updating AdRotate Banner Manager or AdRotate Professional so you have the latest features and functionality.

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I’ll update the AdRotate Banner Manager or AdRotate Professional (Sold Separately) and make sure it works with your WordPress website.
No adverts, groups or campaigns will be created.


  • You’ll need a working WordPress website on decent hosting.
  • I’ll need an admin account to your WordPress dashboard.
  • (Preferably) An (s)FTP login to upload files/do a emergency restore.
  • (If database related) A login to PHPMyAdmin (or similar) to make database changes.
Caution: If you host your site with WP Engine or other WordPress hosting where no direct access to the database is available, and the update requires changes to the database I will not preserve your data. The update will be a clean install without data.

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Your AdRotate Version

I don't know, Version 3.22.x or lower, Version 4.0 or newer