AdRotate for WordPress. Get started with advertising and run successful campaigns on your WordPress website.

AdRotate is the free version of AdRotate Professional. Many options are included in AdRotate but some features are exclusive to AdRotate Professional!

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Get more out of your adverts with AdRotate for WordPress.

AdRotate allows you to set up, manage and run successful advertising campaigns on your WordPress website within minutes.


ease-of-useStats, analytics and other numbers. Clicks matter, impressions are important. And AdRotate counts them all. Using AdRotate’s tracker you get a comprehensive overview of how your adverts perform and calculates a CTR from that.

Easy to use

ease-of-useAdRotate, is designed to be easy to use. This means that all dashboards will look familiar and are styled very similarly to the WordPress dashboard. But more importantly, all features and options are made to be easy to use and understand.

Advert Campaigns

Advertising CampaignsWith AdRotate you can easily set up your adverts. Seasonal adverts or a special promotion coming up? Plan ahead and set up your campaigns in advance. This gives you more time to create content.


NotificationsYou’re always in the loop with dashboard notifications. Get notified when adverts expire, have errors. Never miss an expiration date again. AdRotate checks adverts for many things when you save them and tells you when something goes wrong.

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