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Keep your WordPress and ClassicPress website analytics such as Google Analytics or Piwik/Matomo Analytics free from referral spam with Analytics Spam Blocker. Easily report new domains from your dashboard and get updated referral spam lists regularly.

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Analytics Spam Blocker for WordPress and ClassicPress is the easiest and most convenient way to get rid of Referrer Spam in your analytics such as Google Analytics, Matomo Analytics and similar services. No need to create complex filters or to maintain a list of domains yourself. Let Analytics Spam Blocker for WordPress and ClassicPress deal with that for you.

Analytics Spam Blocker by default blocks about several hundred common referral spam domains. Via the dashboard you can easily add new domains to your blocklist and report the offending domains so they can be included in the standard list through updates.

New domains can be submitted by every user of Analytics Spam Blocker, right from your WordPress and ClassicPress dashboard.

Keep your website analytics clean with Analytics Spam Blocker

Key Features

  • Block known referral domains via .htaccess rules
  • Easily add new domains to your custom blocklist
  • Report new domains from your dashboard
  • Fully automated API to manage domains

Reporting domains

If you spot a domain in your website statistics you can report it via your dashboard. The Analytics Spam Blocker dashboard is available in the Tools menu in your Dashboard. If a domain gets reported a few times it will be included in the blocklist.

Version details and requirements

Current version: 3.0.3
Plugin Author: Arnan de Gans
Requires PHP version: 5.7

Requires WordPress: 4.9
Tested with WordPress: 6.1.1
Requires ClassicPress: 1.0
Tested with ClassicPress: 1.5.1

Update details

Released on: 2 January 2023
Update summary: Maintenance update.
Changelog for version 3.0.3:

  • Updated dashboard sections
  • Updated support links
  • Updated stats widget

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