Single Page Checkout for WooCommerce


Ever considered or got complaints that the cart review step in WooCommerce was unnecessary? Why not take it away and stop hindering your customers with it. Have them review their order on checkout with Single Page Checkout for WooCommerce!

This plugin will get irregular updates on a loose interval. You get access to the download for 1 year from purchasing.

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Make it easy on your customers with Single Page Checkout for WooCommerce. Merge your cart and checkout pages into one single page in seconds – With no setup required at all.

Reduce cart abandonment by removing a step from the checkout procedure. This makes it easier and faster for your customers to go through checkout. This gives them less time to change their mind, less hassle to continue and an overall better buying experience.

Time to get rid of a separate cart, with Single Page Checkout for WooCommerce. I use this plugin on this website and have increased sales with 10% since then. Cart Abandonment has been greatly reduced at the same time! For small E-Commerce businesses this can make all the difference. But also for larger businesses, more sales is always better.

No setup at all

Simply activate the plugin and see the result immediately. Single Page Checkout adjusts the pages and introduces a template on the checkout page automatically.

Ok, a little setup

Optionally you can add the handy [single_page_checkout_cart_empty_notice] shortcode on your checkout page to show a notice if the cart is empty.


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Version details

Current version: 1.0.7
Requires WordPress: 5.0
Tested with WordPress: 5.8
Requires ClassicPress: Not tested
Requires PHP version: 5.6
Plugin Author: Arnan de Gans

Update details

Released on: 4 August 2020
Update summary: Compatibility update
Changelog for version 1.0.7:

  • Tested with WooCommerce 4.6
  • Tested with WordPress 5.5.1

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